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Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contentgkxvvpw8egn7owjr085m7gkaq0blq7fwTwenty tactics for creating engaging online content">Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contenta7wxp0tzh9yjf49fiy1y3ir1ucq2akraTwenty tactics for creating engaging online content

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Do you ever find yourself asking “What’s the point of it all?” when creating content for the vast universe of the web? Don’t let your content fizzle out. Instead, consider using engagement asks to get your audience involved in the work you’re writing about.a6kwc864dozslztme5yy1natulmnjxej ‘Cause its not always about you. […]

The Listening Cycle, Part Idtcace4if2flpkabu167qn87r0x71145The Listening Cycle, Part I">The Listening Cycle, Part Iagya1y59oae695cawqusuudq8ywgn7foThe Listening Cycle, Part I

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Beyonce wants you to listenu9wb50m6paunpy2ip6xl0unx66s5nml8 Image source:youtube.comblzbzinjue3p89uiqa9nbgppf51jgzii The listening cycle has been co-written by Dirk Slater from Fabriders. Dirk has two decades of experience supporting social justice movements and is a nice guy to boot. You can find him on Twitter @fabrider. You can also find the version of this […]

Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining6s614yzhhl19tzw5fmu57zji2012p4omSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining">Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenliningf6r5n3uc5nb4cj5yw2niemm6ywvyij6oSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: We admire JC and Braelan, the good folks over at the Greenlining Institute in Berkeley. Today, we want to share out their newest publication, The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits. The strategy guide is filled with social media strategies and tactics to really build a foundation for […]

Crash Course in Online Activismm9ehybmu9je05phqj15ax27q2lbngwztCrash Course in Online Activism">Crash Course in Online Activism5bvflz8ltwn1w58mmxkbglemzi6mj6qfCrash Course in Online Activism

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Are you creating an online campaign with a group of young folks? Are you interested in becoming an activist?6wxhditepsvs5agcww1jbf9u0bdbnu2j If you have an important story to share online, start here!k3zavtqbs2j8olu8ndxzx0bxyi1rj2cu Watch the video to get a 3 minute e-Advocacy crash course, What is e-Advocacy?owcpunxh96t94o3z92fznx3fld1cfbft, produced by Jennifer Dueñas from the […]

Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun08cxw7uwb644cfs2281sdbc76xq096m0Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun">Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun4j8cvk12sbf5a1jbpxkc4s5qta9lof9jPain, Passion, Fame, and Fun

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Have you been thinking about how to get people to care about the information you are putting online?ue671chly8018r76rs95sirftv0xugze As you begin the process to engage people in the offline or online world, you have to figure out how your messaging reaches the people you care about by tapping into what […]

Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @">Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Are you trying to set up a “Tweet This” link in your email newsletter but it keeps looking funny or not including all the text?vyqml1ubnqbrq4u3c0jn77gw4f2h8n6u Last year, Matt wrote one of Social Source Common’s most popular blog posts that details Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links. The post includes what […]

Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updatedmkqq5om3vb1up1oqu4unh7w3pm04omo1Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updated">Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updated2axg19o05jc017xg62jbtxwg1gpw5nwyFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our Facebook Page vs. Group blog post to match current, April 2012 reality, knowing full well that it will change after I hit “Publish” 🙂7h7d0ltk2mflxk4521odoh86kzrcpvon Take a look at our updated chart below and click on it to get […]

Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsv1kedempkcip3o4o23cxab9n60ym0gfmManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications">Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsk3dsmee8y7tpqgts9lfxr55rzb2r5mdgManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Social networks were not invented for ease of organizational use. Individual accounts… Attached to personal networks… New Year’s Photos seen by all… Cats and Dogs LIVING TOGETHER. Many a sticky situation has arisen from the organization using tools designed for individuals to try to get actual work done. Then trying […]

Engaging Network Hubs2p4scwaogpgk2e7jvu54o9tk4ylwpuyhEngaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubst37edjn149qfmgzttrgicwe71vwa0syjEngaging Network Hubs

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Facebook Groups: Banished to the Archivec3hresis3hvjysh0btgxy9e5d5wljtcmFacebook Groups: Banished to the Archive">Facebook Groups: Banished to the Archive939jz7hcyfnqla8clhkm2lsejjhrpf8oFacebook Groups: Banished to the Archive

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: A couple of days ago, one of the organizations we work with emailed me to ask about what it meant that Facebook was going to “archive” their Group. Apparently Facebook is doing a major push for old groups to upgrade to the new Groups format that they’ve developed while getting […]

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