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Facebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofitsvcdnvl6y3er2ysco1nl5lfxfcsgvu1kgFacebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits">Facebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits0tlaflyaytqzthwkhd5kuqzqs7dk6u3wFacebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: This post updated April 27th, 20124ud4yi0lst1v3hfnu4zn0j7vrsqg12zw At Aspiration, we often talk to organizations with questions about whether to set up a Profileozaxhy2oaxfu1eoqi9s3mxx783e3nci2, Groupnaufcg31f15dkogpkc4mx00yh2mzg6eu, or Pagecu8lmt9isj1yr22pw7bplv31qc55dg1g on Facebook for their organization. I wanted to walk through some of the differences between these to help guide your Facebook set up.y38xq9e971a21tplkh0cwyyipq61fph3 Define Your […]

Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links">Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Recently, someone asked me how to put together a link in HTML that, when clicked, took the clicker to their Twitter page with a tweet already filled in. She basically wanted an easy way to let people share her newsletter. I was putting this little color-coded guide together for her […]

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BackType Stops Searching Blog Comments.
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(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Your Favorite Blog Comment Search Service is Gone18bb2jokj48bzrz9hauqqscn3z436hmy Backtype, everyone’s favorite blog comment search engine is no longer a blog comment search engine. This is terrible news for those of us who construct our own social media dashboards by pulling in search RSS feeds. There isn’t an alternative free service […]

Forced to Use Facebook = Horriblewkx71d8ijao1apgdi7le9px96h9c5lfsForced to Use Facebook = Horrible">Forced to Use Facebook = Horrible87xrv5n8m3zvie6j0fy8nqm0rt6s7g95Forced to Use Facebook = Horrible

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Recently, being a geek about Newsletter templates and HTML, I found myself voluntarily clicking on a link to vote for the best of a user-generated collection of email templates at Vertical Response. Excitement to participate soon disolved to other-worldly rage when I realized that the only way to vote was […]

SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.">SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about channels, focuses (foci) and conversation, the elephant in the room is the Social Source Commons Facebook page. Kind of the Jan Brady compared to the Marcia that is the Aspiration Facebook page, our SSC Facebook page just doesn’t get much play. While the Aspiration […]

Conversations Across Channelsarlyz7wv9punjvpbqiua8yze0bmwcpncConversations Across Channels">Conversations Across Channels9zr7d9gbjw5cvifj1z1g2ozsd5t5s9vrConversations Across Channels

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: A couple of days ago, on the Aspiration Facebookz8vwuikdf1gg5lcqdum1585kt4mnorde page, I asked if people thought it was cool and kosher to take screenshots of Facebookz8vwuikdf1gg5lcqdum1585kt4mnorde comment threads and stick them into blog posts. The replies were varied and I encourage you to take a look at this screenshot of the […]

Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebookcicxa139nawcdk3wdrwcbl7yoh9dib1lMusings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook">Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebookontimb008kp7mst2vza785ep9toc26vhMusings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: FeatureComparisonsvjyps53myzn05jjuz55dtch1zjdthay2 Followingjt03gkb1k6uq62d14fj39xjy2mk8tj93 Character Limits0qhda1tckp0ne0qtep00kxo57rcr0pvq @ Functionality39msnsgcrm6e8v24goa9al4y4welk1ud Streamswmddeztg2qchucwce7guovz0yivatzjf Additional Contentww3vzlv3cfz9ylssgwo3o4b7o8tj4w6r Searchesalnnhws0xo46zv6o6d2jrpd94xzy03e0 Conversationsbvv5khun7d9gl324q29aaypyu4w7bzjc Forwarding Contentbn44nkeazkwp8ty2sshkt82o2uvyme6o Idealware recently introduced a great tool for nonprofits thinking about using Twitterxpg1gfj7198c5hxq7dhozwz6vv6b0hdnwnkuulcvyi1vyo2qabopmvzqvenu69ss5k7a86trsa4605v5noei3cs7kvsc5az0sz5jp69711z68mgetpai6n0igs1kvhmd23phrq8797bwatzbngprc1r7ftfokoxc0yxljjs116fgdnpa9cls4zp9fudpcp73wcdy1ff78yj7cxggqahjjrqhz7rvwmli5krwimh7ex9rj4nsncgm1ie6xxu5pkyl and Facebooklro5o3fbh1hb9nriq0f59q7dq7ygxl68fpjthaxnhdaw64tlcpk85dnlaa0a8i0eegawqsnmgtei2omfl3pc9hduyr27fphj3p0czenvh8pvoy7c0kap1krmwqgmrl3kg2z9um7rm633xt8nxmbygvnz37ivrabx10ta5div5x4x2yka7ww9hz8qwteopxsg1yhdkv6zh9hzfrlmwo7ushdouappk9cbcmja9488rb396vdftcimzdssqphauqwx for organizational communications. The tool is a great introduction to some of the differences between the two services and where they may be […]

Special Event Hashtag for Resource-Routingrslustzeupyufvd8wpol4dsae5wfvx3dSpecial Event Hashtag for Resource-Routing">Special Event Hashtag for Resource-Routingdlgrq5ojtu9uvy3h0w5mcaja0hvzq46tSpecial Event Hashtag for Resource-Routing

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Aspiration just got back from Barcelona, Spain working with Mozilla to put on the 2010 Drumbeat Festival around the intersection between Open Education and the web. It was a blast filled with people from around the world, Serrano ham and a lot (possibly too much) Spanish espresso. One of the […]

Walking Through Organizing Your Online Channelsnkpbdyyt4v6v7sr5v04z383xz6wa2eofWalking Through Organizing Your Online Channels">Walking Through Organizing Your Online Channelsg76uoqu1p5zpghhbc7zbg8an0gsp2qy9Walking Through Organizing Your Online Channels

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Aspiration recently did a training at the UC Berkeley Labor Center around online communications and I presented our Publishing Matrix as a way for these organizations to get a handle around the organizational processes/policies surrounding the myriad online channels that are out there.y8upue70h9jz1tc1745khk5ejsyxco71 Those of you familiar with Aspiration’s Organizational […]

The URL Shortener That Does More Than Tidy Upu77503pngkj9o5d9tubaqcmzze27nnd7The URL Shortener That Does More Than Tidy Up">The URL Shortener That Does More Than Tidy Upyi3kgyesfotam930yjbbzsfhla2sjwh7The URL Shortener That Does More Than Tidy Up

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Some men love plaid. Some skinny ties. And some love URL shorteners. I’m not going to say who exactly, but someone who writes for a certain blog has a secret love for, the URL shortener. This is what he might highlight if he was (hypothetically) writing this post:6usym7ef6er9wr1vnimcyqmfdfu3oyll Wait. […]

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