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Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updatedy9vus8knk0gom278zy9gf9oa8y3o44nsFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated">Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updatedpnfgtvw08k81o4gixdkcmwax5uekw1ncFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our Facebook Page vs. Group blog post to match current, April 2012 reality, knowing full well that it will change after I hit “Publish” 🙂vxpbxwnuqi4nsgflf9nf0zc24tc0327o Take a look at our updated chart below and click on it to get […]

Engaging Network Hubsf6gz5xdrg5pc1byiykild6jzejm6bgkhEngaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubsqn0ktrtdokrrtczoiwr02vbj9vt1q6u6Engaging Network Hubs

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Facebook Groups: Banished to the Archivenqyi8je2ov87kf2dvc95jcrprwqkil5wFacebook Groups: Banished to the Archive">Facebook Groups: Banished to the Archivenyn9m3g1yk1wx3tl7bzcelr359hczoecFacebook Groups: Banished to the Archive

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: A couple of days ago, one of the organizations we work with emailed me to ask about what it meant that Facebook was going to “archive” their Group. Apparently Facebook is doing a major push for old groups to upgrade to the new Groups format that they’ve developed while getting […]

Facebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits63m8qbk62hnxett2phts5xlqe9n38bo4Facebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits">Facebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofitsxhpbrywjq1xafvkcnem5t1ous5ggzqnnFacebook Page vs. Group for Nonprofits

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: This post updated April 27th, 2012nyttt2vf5u8o7yyspbvxpgemexr8uvu7 At Aspiration, we often talk to organizations with questions about whether to set up a Profilen05w5gft6h92vsknn7msmta4icpfmty0, Grouprxfk2rleiihyhjuohj9ndlm10cq3tt8b, or Pageyysqdl9uuhdi6wg5bdfpzfpk9278pjbe on Facebook for their organization. I wanted to walk through some of the differences between these to help guide your Facebook set up.11ycdxtfd7f9i3sepmmzancaxyc1vrvm Define Your […]

Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profilekqog1au1q64olfeoco2b2zvjukvazjhaAdd Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile">Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profileoj2dhm16pbw61jnfzv1ttf5jgxvuu929Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Hi all you Social Source Commons users out there! Just a quick note to say that we’ve added a little piece of new functionality that gives you more ways to connect to the SSC community. You can now add your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your SSC Profile.rwp680ytirxvl0w702qz4cklhl6gvubd To […]

Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links">Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Recently, someone asked me how to put together a link in HTML that, when clicked, took the clicker to their Twitter page with a tweet already filled in. She basically wanted an easy way to let people share her newsletter. I was putting this little color-coded guide together for her […]

Forced to Use Facebook = Horriblenaylglql6dygoneid95vljyclwykjnpwForced to Use Facebook = Horrible">Forced to Use Facebook = Horrible198djz65jt8ntnnumfq16utlqai8pq1gForced to Use Facebook = Horrible

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Recently, being a geek about Newsletter templates and HTML, I found myself voluntarily clicking on a link to vote for the best of a user-generated collection of email templates at Vertical Response. Excitement to participate soon disolved to other-worldly rage when I realized that the only way to vote was […]

SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.">SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about channels, focuses (foci) and conversation, the elephant in the room is the Social Source Commons Facebook page. Kind of the Jan Brady compared to the Marcia that is the Aspiration Facebook page, our SSC Facebook page just doesn’t get much play. While the Aspiration […]

Conversations Across Channelsmri6p5bs9envoo0adef36wa38y1xr9w4Conversations Across Channels">Conversations Across Channels0ijydnchvjktxw5jo982szz13k1b8qvzConversations Across Channels

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: A couple of days ago, on the Aspiration Facebookn1zug77djm5tdzft1bfhnm2fkrorn420 page, I asked if people thought it was cool and kosher to take screenshots of Facebookn1zug77djm5tdzft1bfhnm2fkrorn420 comment threads and stick them into blog posts. The replies were varied and I encourage you to take a look at this screenshot of the […]

Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook4qbadeoqrn3ssnjtwxwxxnqoopzst9zoMusings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook">Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebookqjppc9wv8set8rs21meg6l17t3ivp146Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: FeatureComparisonsc1ni448ckr7b6w46fbraq0e2ga0o5628 Following5de2ctkgddvvsvgwvtxd3sr3adhve499 Character Limits9snr9m8j6wlqx48f851qbklzavhjl40k @ Functionalityhw0d750r3rqccgmane5czydyz2vp3oeb Streamsd316qgf66jdadqz6vujrkiw0xqimhd5k Additional Contentjqqtgf6nfbn5pn9lahanj8wj5p7xivss Searchesk0gai0q9ohretc40t6gdjhppcdmn9qej Conversationsqeey6wf4ole01j106mzizgdkc5vphufx Forwarding Content9gvxb21dphnjazsv90w10g1f9k862l62 Idealware recently introduced a great tool for nonprofits thinking about using Twitterw29ktg60sncshqgsfvw8v5bsfgritjsg9tay5vvj42p3hthygw5jl2farsw3oblnrfur70mbv6ak9ocyzrijfyu10u58ir40b7qsusgbj2jxy5z3s5gesp0llgays91ut01msc5zjiy53af5rr33ltlnm92cbaevr3irhk6o1afwlwsocgsediq0wm35ty2bsz91laz3k345zhhlwzum74zydu8zxrogstz3i0tu3fhsl12b8sw9d9wlh86w88eq and Facebookdadj66ui49kwsrsnlzzv1wn8cc4a11v4pndg0eee96y514ayi104xpil0boijpjzgkiexzvamhjx3llcvwqew6bkqst0i8rpd5th1jlm8jv3igoond72tc424qmtjr3mnref3l2nh88djn8mi55ci8wb4rkg9zgmbu867jh72uuapthul2n99fi9q50qm93nx2egmqqdbe1x1cmaldkwzum6px6b3wxrygo88g2su7roxxu8nf4ncgvmo7c6q71f for organizational communications. The tool is a great introduction to some of the differences between the two services and where they may be […]

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