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Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile

Hi all you Social Source Commons users out there! Just a quick note to say that we’ve added a little piece of new functionality that gives you more ways to connect to the SSC community. You can now add your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your SSC Profile.

To play, just

  • Login to Social Source Commons and go to My Home
  • You’ll see your profile block. Click “Edit My Profile” in the upper right corner of that block.
    Profile Block
  • At the bottom of your editable profile options, you’ll see a few new fields to input the URLs of your favorite social network profiles:
    New Fields
  • Throw in your URLs, click “Save Changes” and your social network profile links will show up as small icons under your name:
    New Icons
  • You will now also be able to see the links to the social networking profiles of your SSC contacts. Both in the sidebar contacts block and in your main “My Contacts” page:
    New Icons Sidebar Contacts New Icons Main Contact Page

A small addition to help you get more out of your Social Source Commons profile. Try it out, let us know what you think!

What features do you wish Social Source Commons had?


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