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Resources: How to Protect your Emailm613x8wa4bjyarlv05e55x25utqd468hResources: How to Protect your Email">Resources: How to Protect your Emaile8zf2htupm0pqens95rxuyxlkrxuc75gResources: How to Protect your Email

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: With great honor, Aspiration gets to join Jack and Jamila from Palante Technology Cooperative for a session on “PGP Encryption for Our Movements” at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on June 19-22, 2014. The AMC is a “collaborative labratory” where activists, techies, artists, and educators create and share transformative […]

Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingfr532f2763xhqo9tcxas5vutcvl5b4sgText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing4txzcfcqky9hefzgievtm8qyo6qtgb8aText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.d468vfr1gv18h1xi29oxb3xccnkm0cm4 Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?x75p03ubi9b9qzodn5kgtll89kx3lmd8 Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Preparing Your Computer for Translation Purposesgbp243igmw0jp57aj4mmd8xsd9vmatphPreparing Your Computer for Translation Purposes">Preparing Your Computer for Translation Purposesvol39102mgcvn0ecln2gzo95n0xo44dqPreparing Your Computer for Translation Purposes

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Here at Aspiration, we love to use free open source software, so our go to office suite is LibreOffice. For those of you who do not know what LibreOffice is, it is basically the equivalent to Microsoft Office suite, but better because it is free!fk59anwx19b96t92f2i914i8tslcjqro I was recently doing some […]

How Can We Make SSC Toolboxes More Valuable for You?tnkorwec44ty4670ps5wvlg13d7ydxlxHow Can We Make SSC Toolboxes More Valuable for You?">How Can We Make SSC Toolboxes More Valuable for You?80g7duey45nrjjw17a3pyjrdu4qho7qmHow Can We Make SSC Toolboxes More Valuable for You?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Toolboxes on Social Source Commons are great. We love them. Users love them. They’re selling out shows on Wednesday nights. Amazing right? Well, I know that I’ve always had tweaks and changes that I’d like to make to the toolbox interface and I’m thinking that beautiful users like yourself might […]

Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter">Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Continuing the email newsletter support that started with Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck, I put together a toolbox on Social Source Commons of tools that I use at Aspiration to create our HTML email newsletters.tmqy3cbfdxak56w27sivubj8gigxqlra The Custom Description Text of each tool tells you a little bit about why […]

Why Would Anyone Use That?x8p96izmkxpvdrtv7n3kcgxdulzc2d3qWhy Would Anyone Use That?">Why Would Anyone Use That?upz1rfy6wezk0927yb7rfat4ihki9hhtWhy Would Anyone Use That?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: You’re creating ANOTHER social network?? Photo courtesy of doctabujj7ih2huiv5xuuf8bl92hpe6cla8rs61 Here at Social Source Commons we see a lot of tools. Many of them are flash-in-the-pan or sputter out fast. What’s the problem? Organizations create tools and websites that no one uses. They tend to think in terms of the features […]

Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile8j3684udv6mx0wn7sn5xz3rl96wesz5qAdd Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile">Add Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profilemivzt0bf8nxmnww1kb9nlgovy3hl0ljcAdd Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts to Your SSC Profile

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Hi all you Social Source Commons users out there! Just a quick note to say that we’ve added a little piece of new functionality that gives you more ways to connect to the SSC community. You can now add your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your SSC Profile.e0j44np3bkx8z4wkb8jqmf4qdsz6w8w0 To […]

Skype Recording Toolsxshsu73n3af6owblhojm4me2p3miallxSkype Recording Tools">Skype Recording Toolsookeduxirc8kqykexmuhbsi84iyflj3zSkype Recording Tools

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.224s5galji3nq435t0g1w15bv2nn59zy As a nonprofit tool, Skype is in a lot of organizations’ back pockets. Easy international (and domestic) calling, low rates and a simple interface make it a great communications tool. One glaring hole was the […]

Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?hjl6mefntu2gy8myp9cr26dtc1enelhlWho Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?">Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?didfpaeo6acmlpdrgefy5y8jgfgs1nb4Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Delicious’ Future is884u4oz4ohpnpli4ty3wbu4cpp92imph DEAD!!!riubor18g5cebbe2c4a6blgiwx6as0ta Uncertainkgz5eevs4ofcmfakjb436qeho574wrp6 As you probably have heard, an internal strategy slide from Yahoo was made public over everyone’s favorite secret-killer, Twitter. It basically showed social bookmarking site Delicious listed under a “Sunsetting” heading which many assumed to mean that Yahoo was killing off Delicous. The leaked photo […]

SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.">SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about channels, focuses (foci) and conversation, the elephant in the room is the Social Source Commons Facebook page. Kind of the Jan Brady compared to the Marcia that is the Aspiration Facebook page, our SSC Facebook page just doesn’t get much play. While the Aspiration […]

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