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What Do You Wish You Had Known About Email Blasting Tools?i8z84n0fzwpg79snt41sar7ansgw7rggWhat Do You Wish You Had Known About Email Blasting Tools?">What Do You Wish You Had Known About Email Blasting Tools?cmpaj0zabd52k7vrc13e6278xsa310w4What Do You Wish You Had Known About Email Blasting Tools?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.pu5etk4ovmzb73py301ilwx66fff761m The Backgroundsvac7b9721n2jykroiuabkvz3lhrs0ib Stop. Put down the Outlook. Emailing a billion people (or just 25 or so) through your Outlook BCC line can put you on a spam list faster than a whozeewhatsit flegs a bongersnaf. […]

Dearest NULL67nk96ixwj9yy9of4yw2uzfcgwnzgs9cDearest NULL">Dearest NULL3pxuckgzrh1n39f9d409fsb34b8n4d4xDearest NULL

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: In a pretty embarrassing snafoo (snafu?), our Desert Island Tool Email Blast, sent through Vertical Response, addressed many of our members as “NULL” rather than “Friend.”21brxyn7lygls4vokuqo4q3z90c96b3z This, of course, is a fail for mail merge, or when information from an address book (in our case, SSC users’ first names) is […]

What’s Your Desert Island Tool?">What’s Your Desert Island Tool?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Those working in nonprofits and other NGOs use a ton of software everyday. Just look at the New Tools coming into Social Source Commons! I’ll give you a nickel if you’ve heard of half of ’em. A NICKEL.23zclqk9f8n6afvscp3c8fmjvbkbeep7 Nonprofit professionals are working in an world of extremely diverse topic areas […]

Twitter Policy Head-Scratchers1ug707o761vc9819ut2wn4pye9jqbkg2Twitter Policy Head-Scratchers">Twitter Policy Head-Scratcherska1w7xt1v0piajqupkb2ortxfiwkj10uTwitter Policy Head-Scratchers

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: There are many questions to ask yourself when putting together a policy for your organization’s Twitter account and Aspiration and Social Source Commons are asking them. Because of the casual, disposable nature of Twitter’s medium, organizations may think that they don’t have to pay as strict attention to it as […]

Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizationsu9wb50m6paunpy2ip6xl0unx66s5nml8Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations">Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations99p38wl838nvchcchu1b47j8c3ecvriuToolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.5avbo0l4o8ab6kvfgp1q40eer7ykottk Recently, Charise Van Liew of fuseDC put together a toolbox entitled Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations that was filled with tools that fuseDC recommends to, you guessed it, smaller nonprofits. fuseDC describes their organization as:hirmg9htmfj1mfnv6l3g0fo296fo30ua […]

Who Owns Your Org’s Facebook Page?">Who Owns Your Org’s Facebook Page?

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Baby Shocked After Finding Out Facebook Privacy ChangesImage courtesy of mithadriel1y5ftqz2t5bmr7wi2vtfstpm888ddi04 Facebook has been pretty lame lately. If you’ve been living under a rock, go check your privacy settings and cry. Then, angrily tweet or update your status saying how you should leave Facebook. But don’t. You can’t. A lot […]

Translating Your Site with Worldwide Lexiconnwtl28rj61o537sb9vedq9zypby1ciyqTranslating Your Site with Worldwide Lexicon">Translating Your Site with Worldwide Lexiconz1sodi6rrchzuw0i93r7ma6psnvhwdamTranslating Your Site with Worldwide Lexicon

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of Shawn Econoxprltwvcpw4z21qwzfb63u0v5bqza55x In our continued quest to make our blog more accessible (see Social Media and Accessibility), we’ve added Worldwide Lexicon to the SSC Blog! What is Worldwide Lexicon, you ask? Well, dear friend, Worldwide Lexicon (or WWL as the cool kids say) is a great way […]

A Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Appswzyco0x6k6a65ipq7ngs5w6zvrs1w3fjA Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Apps">A Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Appsx2fstojfm1jpvgylsjvtnecv9o50hc55A Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Apps

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Embedded below is a toolbox that I put together on Social Source Commons of tools that I use when working on websites that Aspiration manages (Aspiration, Social Source Commons, SSC Blog & Answr). I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a narrative with a toolbox.48u2851b31eebsh26fchsxukfebizu7t First […]

Digital Asset Management Platformsft98px1pfmc70xu7lxbp697u9rsutwnzDigital Asset Management Platforms">Digital Asset Management Platformsba00sbh9a3mdnfl1clwva223envizzi1Digital Asset Management Platforms

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Photo Pile Image courtesy of Orin Zebest6roz1ezydlfr7yze3pd8kd2yge79zpew First of all, if you aren’t receiving the NTEN Discuss newsletter as a nonprofit techie, then you should get on that asap. Great conversations and resources from people that know exactly what it’s like to be the accidental techie at a nonprofit organization. […]

Social Media and Accessibility6nuxop4netzbitijb3u7jljd1temds69Social Media and Accessibility">Social Media and Accessibility2m479m37rs9intrd39ge4fx578hb1v2uSocial Media and Accessibility

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: An example of CAPTCHA90ym4nxcn4dx2shovmi8wcuz7z5gc3zc We here at Social Source Commons Blog recently got an email asking us to reconsider our use of reCaptcha for spam management on our blog. reCAPTCHA is a tool that uses the CAPTCHA technique to verify that the person requesting to interact with the site (post […]

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