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Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contentmeiv78zok4hl8ljubbvjwfwmwhw21vmdTwenty tactics for creating engaging online content">Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contentxj0y0ivw5wsfyaqzsj8day3dzabi27yqTwenty tactics for creating engaging online content

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Do you ever find yourself asking “What’s the point of it all?” when creating content for the vast universe of the web? Don’t let your content fizzle out. Instead, consider using engagement asks to get your audience involved in the work you’re writing about.nljwh2tshpxf8cw5ct1d5z4n1i90mxmz ‘Cause its not always about you. […]

Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @">Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Are you trying to set up a “Tweet This” link in your email newsletter but it keeps looking funny or not including all the text?dhwkpvssm243vrw36hdvv0jtzcft0833 Last year, Matt wrote one of Social Source Common’s most popular blog posts that details Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links. The post includes what […]

Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter">Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Continuing the email newsletter support that started with Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck, I put together a toolbox on Social Source Commons of tools that I use at Aspiration to create our HTML email newsletters.tehvmev584lbme06okkgk8sooay679xq The Custom Description Text of each tool tells you a little bit about why […]

Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck2oqu7yco367vxrdi8l42n5gn46z1k04cWhy HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck">Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suckt2tg726197h8htms61ffta2s1kawcf4wWhy HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: One of the biggest complaints we get from nonprofits as they mature in their online communications is that creating properly-functioning formatted (i.e. HTML) emails in their email blaster is a pain in the @$$. The trouble is that having regular email blasts as an organization is seen as a baseline […]

Tips to Manage Your Online Identity Through Your Gmail Accountifsxo6k88mxyw1lx7r7z0y3dm77y7kugTips to Manage Your Online Identity Through Your Gmail Account">Tips to Manage Your Online Identity Through Your Gmail Accountukrhiyzzteqsn8t3ph3be0s4704e9x6uTips to Manage Your Online Identity Through Your Gmail Account

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: As an Americorps VISTA, I am forbidden from taking a second job while serving my year here with Aspiration. In an effort to possibly win some money or other free things, I have found myself registering with a few online survey companies. Understanding that their legitimacy and security may not […]

Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationstttmgazcjbjzn5vfcfoyzp2ynwybx5kgManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications">Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsfm71emozzgb0lr3ozm5gqmuyr9yvsvnxManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Social networks were not invented for ease of organizational use. Individual accounts… Attached to personal networks… New Year’s Photos seen by all… Cats and Dogs LIVING TOGETHER. Many a sticky situation has arisen from the organization using tools designed for individuals to try to get actual work done. Then trying […]

A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingeyuogb29um5md11g4f7wlt1cf9qehwzmA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging">A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingp3uqamz0fwhgm8rm3538zc8302nc18thA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: One of the best practices often overlooked by many “I’m spinning too many plates on long skinny poles” nonprofits is calendaring out the messaging your organization is going to send ahead of time. Akin to flossing, calendaring your messaging ahead of time is something that organizations think that they should […]

Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?k7b0nof6xcgt2is98g7e6xp4bq6hpuuzAre Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?">Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?oi7xmjntfh9ui41jeoqyxw06y483lmh0Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: The first rule of email messaging as an organization is that no one reads emails. People skim emails. Making your email blasts as skimmable as possible is the best way to get your point across to the people you are trying to reach.w2vklp1npmk4u62zhlbo876brfrubecy When it comes to email newsletters, skimmability […]

Email Best Practice Questions on Answru2qkcv4xukihqaa00r4ylzbaaphmeuayEmail Best Practice Questions on Answr">Email Best Practice Questions on Answrgd4htptka7s0oeir5ymhtw4sxjhp9kefEmail Best Practice Questions on Answr

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: There have been some great questions around email communications submitted and answered on our sister (beta) site Answr and I wanted to throw up (?) a quick blog post to highlight a few of them. Answr is a site dedicated to questions and answers around nonprofit online communications (focusing mainly […]

How to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaborationr1v1dg4vagdq09v1t59ld8a3axmz7s9oHow to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration">How to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration504cyvlfnwnfnrmd3tcahk6dgtpoed49How to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Some Nonprofit Tech Discussion Listsh97r555kiz47o7oax8nifrrq7dtkur91 NTEN Discusscyqjnykil99n7hj6n71f0bta5kyh8yia NOSIv8zjqk44vgdwt7xl7wrp0l5hd9w80v4l Riders Techqxic8v12yqjcczb0fd554672czjof3ww Riders Talkr79tbg3pqeo3yp7gzkve4xkrjozfqz07 Open Translation Toolsx36hyua1p0s76dlxciv02v6l1w7hxk1k Email discussion lists or listservs (name comes from a specific piece of software called LISTSERV), while increasingly overshadowed by social networks, can still be a great way for a like-minded community to carry conversations and […]

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