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Digital Asset Management Platforms

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Photo Pile Image courtesy of Orin Zebest

First of all, if you aren’t receiving the NTEN Discuss newsletter as a nonprofit techie, then you should get on that asap. Great conversations and resources from people that know exactly what it’s like to be the accidental techie at a nonprofit organization. Many times, someone will ask for advice about choosing a software tool on a Discuss list and many people will chime in with experience-based recommendations from all over the sector. We here at Social Source Commons like to collect those responses into an SSC toolbox with the hope that those who run across the thread can also find a complete collection of useful tools all in one place. After all, this is what Social Source Commons is all about: easily connecting people to nonprofit software tools.

In that spirit, our very own gunner (purposely lowercase for some IRC tradition I’m not fully aware of…), put together the Digital Asset Management Platforms Toolbox after someone posted to the Discuss list, looking for advice on an open source tool to help her manage a collection of “digital assets” like photos and videos.

Various people weighed in and the result was a thread with many different choices of software for managing “digital assets.” Embedded at right, you can see the different tools and if you go to the toolbox page, you can see what was said about each one.

Check the tools out and if you have anything to add, well gee garsh willy Add it!

Happy Digital Asset-ing!


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