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Graphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirtl5naoddg8nbcr4g14m2854udst2zfooqGraphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirt">Graphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirtu1qw7z7bw63pbo7t2jdku9fi6odup35aGraphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirt

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Less than two weeks into my role at Aspiration, I was granted an enormous challenge: design the 2014 Aspiration t-shirt. From this high-profile task emerged a series of challenges.vp5yuxrhjvmz90pv5fkccs9qmktc08xm The first was simple: how could I support free and open software and produce the kind of visual graphics I’m used […]

Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contenttdilpz14jb7ff1jx7whq4txg1stc3x4nTwenty tactics for creating engaging online content">Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contentk937q4vzpdhahlspobs3agilx547wu46Twenty tactics for creating engaging online content

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Do you ever find yourself asking “What’s the point of it all?” when creating content for the vast universe of the web? Don’t let your content fizzle out. Instead, consider using engagement asks to get your audience involved in the work you’re writing about.xnxbw65tf1f3dkzgrpmupvmfm90ddwa1 ‘Cause its not always about you. […]

Developing New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing8nu7n9gcscp5t6h701pddu8wu9lzub0sDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing">Developing New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing444z86xe6bhcz79jrqtkho461op6jxedDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: We’ve been working on something that we’re pretty excited about—a new part of our website that gathers all of our training resources in one place. It hasn’t gone live yet, but we’d love to share our progress and get your feedback on this page mock up as we move forward! […]

Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing2aacvb7lnyddaoyp133fofcxlyq3pg8hText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing3urb0ibu7t5wi47k4h0f7g0tjum2aqi3Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.5kr75abdnzu4qj6mwyb1ffm7y4f8lbog Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?but4t719ro1u9kibj869v064jqmnflzh Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Trust in the Cloudevomxw5d4dqbo8bafo8m2mizxrl70ro4Trust in the Cloud">Trust in the Clouds83njunz5xknm4ibh77fo3tvq1n9ukdcTrust in the Cloud

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Are you considering using the Cloud at your nonprofit organization? What are some implications of the use of the Cloud for nonprofits and social justice movements?plaquly0vx327txvxrm9q55tr7ya4whk (Hold up, if first you want to get caught up on “What is the Cloud?“? Read from Mashable or LearnFree.)ddb4jzoezmaapc92j1zi6q78us5pg6ak Calling it “The Cloud” […]

Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenliningzq0l1sc1n18xagmkqxql8z7aye817kqwSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining">Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining0olsqhhcchklt9tmlnhq84r8y52uwi9nSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: We admire JC and Braelan, the good folks over at the Greenlining Institute in Berkeley. Today, we want to share out their newest publication, The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits. The strategy guide is filled with social media strategies and tactics to really build a foundation for […]

Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun8qtwk26awz7j6jjsdz3kyl1r0td2lg9kPain, Passion, Fame, and Fun">Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun9asd78ajfcg2whb5gvilg37nfqq06qz6Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Have you been thinking about how to get people to care about the information you are putting online?g3u1ro0r00uz6e40l6xgauuxfdie2kn8 As you begin the process to engage people in the offline or online world, you have to figure out how your messaging reaches the people you care about by tapping into what […]

Data: Your Most Important Tech Assetkz3lva5f1facr7xcz4q86e0slbex9b5jData: Your Most Important Tech Asset">Data: Your Most Important Tech Assetgci408n11zmo7k4wimo2aub5c2gzl3tsData: Your Most Important Tech Asset

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: As much as we love tools here at SSC, we find that many nonprofits focus too much on them when thinking about their technology strategy and infrastructure. While tools are an important and necessary piece, it’s important that an organization focus on the more crucial piece of the technological equation: […]

Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck34dshuznp2u2udzpyfyr5ztgxnan73u0Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck">Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck46br4ikwry332t910sc9niytu2439u33Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: One of the biggest complaints we get from nonprofits as they mature in their online communications is that creating properly-functioning formatted (i.e. HTML) emails in their email blaster is a pain in the @$$. The trouble is that having regular email blasts as an organization is seen as a baseline […]

Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsjbbi331on986a85hz3l76fos21lv3yscManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications">Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationscyt2fwyw8kkj0fvnhty1kzdjnu0b5tl8Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communications

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Social networks were not invented for ease of organizational use. Individual accounts… Attached to personal networks… New Year’s Photos seen by all… Cats and Dogs LIVING TOGETHER. Many a sticky situation has arisen from the organization using tools designed for individuals to try to get actual work done. Then trying […]

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