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Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingd0ye6lwdhkysq5xp3a1twfjyd7ob0rl3Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizinghsbb4fkjg6rt5q6y8yjbmdbg0kodvyp2Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.xc2krs8tpzspjxyafsg9t88ndicos7uf Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?yjfavfb04r0lh1sy8ti5u4zyp2rt8bsw Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Engaging Network Hubs587ecn6r9n3h3zaicqvgxyu38yd2tiboEngaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubs9j3tb0dx89dzj20rgfdyoem3utvm5pe5Engaging Network Hubs

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security1kczcwhxg5hzmz2h13bboneltt02rjbjBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security">Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Securityelya78xpoidgoj7dt6ja2tixizweg3ykBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of zebedee.zebedeeqqo1pz5w9cjzibhnx4p8yb5c7f1g3ydj Ending any relationship is hard. Creating a standard set of processes can ease the pain of the schism. When a marriage ends, there are legal filings, transfer and division of property and the surrendering of keys and changing of locks to ensure security. When an employee […]

A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingc40adglgg29k6lvbbflror24mhl4gsdiA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging">A Template for Calendaring Your Messaginggfwqttalfpj34pm2gmlsf6c4qul6t0gzA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: One of the best practices often overlooked by many “I’m spinning too many plates on long skinny poles” nonprofits is calendaring out the messaging your organization is going to send ahead of time. Akin to flossing, calendaring your messaging ahead of time is something that organizations think that they should […]

Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?r3a80pjwhdfx1jm447fzbzbpuw34n594Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?">Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?kqaschy4jo8998ca4xatp00fw7i2703hAre Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: The first rule of email messaging as an organization is that no one reads emails. People skim emails. Making your email blasts as skimmable as possible is the best way to get your point across to the people you are trying to reach.svc6sltw77zxayg0fhjfzp9z4n3ga44s When it comes to email newsletters, skimmability […]

Email Best Practice Questions on Answr4n3b542gasytew71udfqtxv2hays9gl3Email Best Practice Questions on Answr">Email Best Practice Questions on Answrinv3r12j69801whw421gf9sv5q2hg30pEmail Best Practice Questions on Answr

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: There have been some great questions around email communications submitted and answered on our sister (beta) site Answr and I wanted to throw up (?) a quick blog post to highlight a few of them. Answr is a site dedicated to questions and answers around nonprofit online communications (focusing mainly […]

Looking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processesknmjrriswa5ydebma22pcspapv9o3m3dLooking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processes">Looking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processesvr43k1fjh2ysl3i99sgj8bwiro5mnyw9Looking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processes

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: We spend a lot of time on this blog and on the interwebs in general talking about the Good that software tools can do for an organization. Whether it’s a tool that makes collaborative editing easier or a piece of code that automates a repetitive task, software has the possibility […]

Twitter Policy Head-Scratchers4mbb67xh1zbt61dx321x4c0wgsx94avyTwitter Policy Head-Scratchers">Twitter Policy Head-Scratchersd1wxpc9upi47p3mq2huathmjup85x8d0Twitter Policy Head-Scratchers

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: There are many questions to ask yourself when putting together a policy for your organization’s Twitter account and Aspiration and Social Source Commons are asking them. Because of the casual, disposable nature of Twitter’s medium, organizations may think that they don’t have to pay as strict attention to it as […]

A Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pagesje6srehk9jcc2queyndugeuxorid94zjA Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pages">A Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pagesgr2beuzork6ni31yz5tnjb4rxh1w2en8A Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pages

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: Many organizations use Facebook as their primary social network (as opposed to Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace). We have a Facebook page for both Social Source Commons and Aspiration on which we periodically update our statuses in addition to the resources that we push out through our Twitter page.51zaj0kwxkfqpsl9epm62kx8y6vqbj77 One feature […]

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