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Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingtyw0zpg40c5e9jyat76m3lxxkiz2auruText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingqcbkm6yqjwirqe6vvrohpkrtvb2no7z5Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.i6gq1jkympds2v6flnl6fs5pq0aykbut Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?6xinpysuqek1lf048yywvdp5tlidxmou Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Engaging Network Hubs10nms8hjebpzwf1b1yprroj7faz7hu18Engaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubsfifed5f399hojfsnt4tguhxyk6kcnxesEngaging Network Hubs

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security9rir6u81y9j3aueesqq8d5m4anhw9mi9Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security">Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Securitywy0f6qy8khw8jbkuorkv47b7zcybriwdBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of zebedee.zebedeeay0ef4rqxz14awvsk6hp7iootermknvl Ending any relationship is hard. Creating a standard set of processes can ease the pain of the schism. When a marriage ends, there are legal filings, transfer and division of property and the surrendering of keys and changing of locks to ensure security. When an employee […]

A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingr9l7iz6oz67btmv21wgcvqmw0zoha9urA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging">A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingv2zmgbdtysiuqp4b5lfcmoewmu615yxqA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: One of the best practices often overlooked by many “I’m spinning too many plates on long skinny poles” nonprofits is calendaring out the messaging your organization is going to send ahead of time. Akin to flossing, calendaring your messaging ahead of time is something that organizations think that they should […]

Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?3cysha0ckykuop5qyghptus6wrblv6tpAre Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?">Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?xgxub2x2n9d6fedvgoujodgwy28jf1m2Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: The first rule of email messaging as an organization is that no one reads emails. People skim emails. Making your email blasts as skimmable as possible is the best way to get your point across to the people you are trying to reach.o9ud073fyxkcuv3zaosmt2wr2v6uelzt When it comes to email newsletters, skimmability […]

Email Best Practice Questions on Answrznb8ai2k1pchlro45j4qu6sgzaxuaow0Email Best Practice Questions on Answr">Email Best Practice Questions on Answrv43jdfjmw6m78rfyf7qfyjo8opi1iaa3Email Best Practice Questions on Answr

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: There have been some great questions around email communications submitted and answered on our sister (beta) site Answr and I wanted to throw up (?) a quick blog post to highlight a few of them. Answr is a site dedicated to questions and answers around nonprofit online communications (focusing mainly […]

Looking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processes6olekrg24k3uf8h9mlgvxqvd8sukn2qkLooking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processes">Looking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processesnvr4yui0wrej9dqzfkn28yv83nku44ghLooking at Communications Tools as Organizational Processes

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: We spend a lot of time on this blog and on the interwebs in general talking about the Good that software tools can do for an organization. Whether it’s a tool that makes collaborative editing easier or a piece of code that automates a repetitive task, software has the possibility […]

Twitter Policy Head-Scratchersn9r19yd1v5vtpe6lx0i7unxq84tab8fpTwitter Policy Head-Scratchers">Twitter Policy Head-Scratchersmiytn1f0nv702kxb9zqe6xxmlikltt76Twitter Policy Head-Scratchers

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: There are many questions to ask yourself when putting together a policy for your organization’s Twitter account and Aspiration and Social Source Commons are asking them. Because of the casual, disposable nature of Twitter’s medium, organizations may think that they don’t have to pay as strict attention to it as […]

A Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pagesai30j5erufkw3ndjov87f0aupuulzkkzA Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pages">A Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pagesvbhxii3eb1vxjr4ab287oy2ctpcncb6yA Quick Note on Cross-Posting on Facebook Fan Pages

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Many organizations use Facebook as their primary social network (as opposed to Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace). We have a Facebook page for both Social Source Commons and Aspiration on which we periodically update our statuses in addition to the resources that we push out through our Twitter page.0yu7tzlow61e8griezmm05cm2m317b2x One feature […]

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