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Green Nonprofit Technologypev50bft3tway9g6ujpvf4ubypy9ukj9Green Nonprofit Technology">Green Nonprofit Technologyl99onrxyldq3fm58vj571knnqg0s5c7hGreen Nonprofit Technology

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: A couple of weeks ago, Aspiration (SSC’s mama organization) held the 2008 Nonprofit Software Development Summit which basically brought over a hundred nonprofit techie geeks together in Oakland, CA to hash out the current state of affairs with regard to, you guessed it, nonprofit software development. So many people and […]

Wiki Tools!kkdv8xlvabkenmtkanv7ig81e2yiceumWiki Tools!">Wiki Tools!6urb6r90rgvwl71bwbdp8v00jxyk74f3Wiki Tools!

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Hey, Marc Laporte and the good folks at TikiWiki are keeping a list called the “Wiki Landscape” that pulls together information on the most popular Wiki engines. According to (who else?) Wikipedia, a wiki “is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to […]

Nonprofit Twitter Toolsbvdwnvgqgp17ic84ysa1f9r817kkcnmeNonprofit Twitter Tools">Nonprofit Twitter Toolspcn789fss5twnuzyqyv8il406l58irzyNonprofit Twitter Tools

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Twitter is everywhere these days. If you aren’t Twittering away your life, you can rest assured that your mailman, nephew and boss are. Twitter, for the uninitiated, is a mini-blogging tool that allows you to post small status updates that are no more than 140 characters long. Users can get […]

Drupal Camp4zrwvppnwbkj6vhj7l5aj8119m8nzectDrupal Camp">Drupal Campa4f136y453bw09rz4qvo0zi2zlxgzei0Drupal Camp

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Over the weekend, I went to Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADcamp) and dug into another CMS. Drupal, like Joomla!, is an open source Content Management System that allows you to create websites through content organization and management. In Drupal, you add “nodes” (pieces of content) to a basic framework to […]

Embedding an SSC Toolbox on Your Own Web Pageoppwhq65urozvvgok9r6zymic8tktf07Embedding an SSC Toolbox on Your Own Web Page">Embedding an SSC Toolbox on Your Own Web Pagexze81w125v1h8sn6a1xo5p4qczka82tvEmbedding an SSC Toolbox on Your Own Web Page

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Did you know that you can embed any SSC Community Toolbox right into another web page?  It’s simple and perfect for when you want to show the contents of a toolbox right within your own web page rather than linking to Social Source Commons.  Let’s check out how it’s done:jjrd3m01udkx5q130aikdu1qe9v8fedo […]

CTC VISTA Toolbox Knowledges5thyrs64hwwodkusmbih89dgazw86hqCTC VISTA Toolbox Knowledge">CTC VISTA Toolbox Knowledge3e6ariouk65lm8uaizc8v4j1x9xh5tzyCTC VISTA Toolbox Knowledge

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: A little while back, I asked my fellow CTC VISTAs what software tools they were using to get an idea about their nonprofit tool use.  I received great feedback and took it all to create the CTC VISTA Tools Toolbox on Social Source Commons.  After talking to a few VISTAs, […]

Joomla! Day!twa5cpiofdxte0m5sxiun8ftmbuz9hatJoomla! Day!">Joomla! Day!vuwcjx40mu8hxtb8noriov0snlobhgc2Joomla! Day!

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Over the weekend, on Saturday, I was lucky enough to take part in the 2nd annual Bay Area Joomla! Day at Google in Mountain View, CA.  For those of you who aren’t in the know, Joomla!ip8d3dlz6ybql5xfmq8724tol3x5ogkw is a free and open-source Content Management System (CMS).  CMS’s are designed to enable […]

How I Created the “CTC VISTA Tools” Toolbox">How I Created the “CTC VISTA Tools” Toolbox

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Creating a Community Toolbox on Social Source Commons is one of the great ways in which users can become actively involved with the site.  Toolboxes are created in order to organize the tools that you use into understandable and useful collections.  When your account is first created, you have your […]

Showcasing Some SSC Feeds3esj63kx0s3yr9nqjpfe5bmdmocsgtzaShowcasing Some SSC Feeds">Showcasing Some SSC Feeds2mgakomvaix54xegv6mlzkmsz12kyv8qShowcasing Some SSC Feeds

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Have you ever wondered what those little orange antenna buttons floating around the Social Source Commons website were for?  Well, my friends, you are about to learn the beauty of “Feeds,” a nifty little feature on SSC that lets you keep track of things that you’re interested in.  And if […]

A Few Good Community Toolboxeso5gvenqqs1x3lmaxvxwylj8n0ozpjj4yA Few Good Community Toolboxes">A Few Good Community Toolboxesppfu1cthufo4bk1agtsz41w1g3co4bckA Few Good Community Toolboxes

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more useful on Social Source Commons than a well-made community toolbox.  A community toolbox is a toolbox that someone has created with a particular theme that they can invite others to build on.  This allows community members to contribute their knowledge […]

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