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Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofitruyrs8nls2jwnyqc201qc3j08jfzjve0Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit">Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit7j50oa6129u3z4yjvgpe5tid2dm8zwmxUsing Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Recently, we had a conversation with an organization who was getting pressure to use a closed tool called Jimdo rather than the open-source tool, WordPress for their web site. Jimdo seemed easier and quicker and they wanted to know what we thought about it. Here’s a couple points that we […]

Engaging Network Hubsjeihibclj9v72zqse6w330ao007kter2Engaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubsss2kifoy7bn13jh2u37yrmdtewzfka82Engaging Network Hubs

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Securitygk9aoxh8wicav6k8p9d00llbzw06hinoBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security">Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Securityphtw62tlk1m5xqtj5oodo8oydss1sx57Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of zebedee.zebedeesx83l4osp5e2mqh3s0v8dvw10n7idihv Ending any relationship is hard. Creating a standard set of processes can ease the pain of the schism. When a marriage ends, there are legal filings, transfer and division of property and the surrendering of keys and changing of locks to ensure security. When an employee […]

A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingbo2pwu3x4csvrnr70ocgpwq4trdmfphgA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging">A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingu816jj76o72eh30klk8zqewiqo8l0zqkA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: One of the best practices often overlooked by many “I’m spinning too many plates on long skinny poles” nonprofits is calendaring out the messaging your organization is going to send ahead of time. Akin to flossing, calendaring your messaging ahead of time is something that organizations think that they should […]

Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?53ts7zrqmpofu28fm33bp2rpm864kbvgAre Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?">Are Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?rwpq6tye3uhfsog6rs4uy0jqam67zjigAre Your Emails Skim? Or 2%?

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: The first rule of email messaging as an organization is that no one reads emails. People skim emails. Making your email blasts as skimmable as possible is the best way to get your point across to the people you are trying to reach.5xaja5exnlf9j6bqlmglun40w9c4zs6u When it comes to email newsletters, skimmability […]

Are You a Twitter Spammer?50pa8u0es1p78cpzvkbhfgmcswtew4krAre You a Twitter Spammer?">Are You a Twitter Spammer?1zh2bryx5zywvcybm8w6iszlgsel2pfuAre You a Twitter Spammer?

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Recently one of the organizations that we work with had their account suspended on Twitter. The situation looked something like this. The organization started tweeting about a video/petition. No biggie, right? Well, they started to tweet at people (putting the @username at the beginning of the tweet). A lot. And […]

Email Best Practice Questions on Answrpxz2yh4nfk9xd3st6913o7wlxgibtqu8Email Best Practice Questions on Answr">Email Best Practice Questions on Answr8hy145qwhf1gljkor5ym7p2zcdvaei3dEmail Best Practice Questions on Answr

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: There have been some great questions around email communications submitted and answered on our sister (beta) site Answr and I wanted to throw up (?) a quick blog post to highlight a few of them. Answr is a site dedicated to questions and answers around nonprofit online communications (focusing mainly […]

How to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration43ydythd2c3gkye9lsk0n7onnx1fkucfHow to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration">How to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaborationdz1yggb8qwdtmi5228vvtcsa1bubdrugHow to Manage an Email Discussion List to Invite Collaboration

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Some Nonprofit Tech Discussion Listsehauetv53dnx87scb48xj4rxqtcl4jl8 NTEN Discuss96u5wnako6sv9zo92lnvm7t0pi0kjrdj NOSInvvxeypi9ffarrj5921sprd2n7mhey3s Riders Tech664fh19414kkdhxltr828079cx2qpuql Riders Talk96rcdaw5p17bpv9ewqiby651qk41rnor Open Translation Toolsrhzcxeyaiqckb35uyg8lhyhrza2alkt2 Email discussion lists or listservs (name comes from a specific piece of software called LISTSERV), while increasingly overshadowed by social networks, can still be a great way for a like-minded community to carry conversations and […]

Keeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrixlphzkum0fqqbsfbwnjfr85x6adu7bebmKeeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrix">Keeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrixhorr5q3kaoiixw27e70ybzsxyrechhnoKeeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrix

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: We, like a lot of other people, love using a “listening dashboard” like Netvibes to listen to the social web. It’s free, pretty easy to put together and it does all the work for you of tracking down when your name or organization has been mentioned online. Fun stuff. The […]

Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practices0n9bwgauov6a5jden7d27i3a33azgn37Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practices">Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practicesmymrcszzn0ys2mmnrwv2xgvspysktdo6Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practices

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: We spend a lot of time here at Aspiration and here on the SSC Blog talking about online communications best practices, trying to help nonprofits and social justice organizations find ways to use technology cheaper and more effectively for their missions.aelxgpo876yx14aq24u5587w2bvf7da8 As part of that effort, I put together some […]

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