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Graphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirtjhbwie92uk4e9sbec4e9p1tpw558gfjpGraphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirt">Graphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirtc4bhtooteux9zi1juur3l20gzg26i9vkGraphic Design Toolbox: Designing the New Aspiration Shirt

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Less than two weeks into my role at Aspiration, I was granted an enormous challenge: design the 2014 Aspiration t-shirt. From this high-profile task emerged a series of challenges.g0nz8aaugah15i0hyz1csiy9lqmrktzq The first was simple: how could I support free and open software and produce the kind of visual graphics I’m used […]

Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contenthlat1n93saaugr52ebl4uczwjh6ywkh4Twenty tactics for creating engaging online content">Twenty tactics for creating engaging online contentyty2g7tjl03jbfdaqrabo3zawceqe5q3Twenty tactics for creating engaging online content

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Do you ever find yourself asking “What’s the point of it all?” when creating content for the vast universe of the web? Don’t let your content fizzle out. Instead, consider using engagement asks to get your audience involved in the work you’re writing about.znc3lfg52tw5p7a5x3q8cfmh2jx5xu8n ‘Cause its not always about you. […]

Developing New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pageshx2pmf6udlj3a7anq9znyzanogr5fopnDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages">Developing New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages528cuwfsmetgm322nwpix7sovwxgy6cuDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: (Check out part one of this project here! )ww2pvbztrl6hjrl345wgjr43zzkfqanc We’re getting closer to launching our webpage for nonprofit learning resources, designed for anyone concerned with using and making decisions about technology for social change. We appreciate all who shared helpful feedback on our digital page mock-ups. Now, we’ve brought these […]

Resources: How to Protect your Emailti3twfam09zv1l4uwqltq4cbh5b66kypResources: How to Protect your Email">Resources: How to Protect your Email2woxxj4h6a9q2nv4cnw6e8fyd0m1ygxqResources: How to Protect your Email

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: With great honor, Aspiration gets to join Jack and Jamila from Palante Technology Cooperative for a session on “PGP Encryption for Our Movements” at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on June 19-22, 2014. The AMC is a “collaborative labratory” where activists, techies, artists, and educators create and share transformative […]

Developing New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testingxschmbws3zyw4i61e16pe978u0b897gwDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing">Developing New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing8xb1f3t06rr8c7epvq0iradgeapn9jq8Developing New Tech Projects, Part I: User Testing

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: We’ve been working on something that we’re pretty excited about—a new part of our website that gathers all of our training resources in one place. It hasn’t gone live yet, but we’d love to share our progress and get your feedback on this page mock up as we move forward! […]

The Listening Cycle, Part Irh4o2e6dr3j67ipcu1ya9d0apo0ciywzThe Listening Cycle, Part I">The Listening Cycle, Part I0d7aljj8y4u29kgnbza5gi4gm3cqbfx2The Listening Cycle, Part I

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Beyonce wants you to listen01ame15jbzti8l0hkyny8g6amebxcsr2 Image source:youtube.comte1pnq0n3l0kd2d8izbjlq0uzis5l9g5 The listening cycle has been co-written by Dirk Slater from Fabriders. Dirk has two decades of experience supporting social justice movements and is a nice guy to boot. You can find him on Twitter @fabrider. You can also find the version of this […]

Trust in the Cloudkctlogf11bd00icev89we643e6tazqm9Trust in the Cloud">Trust in the Cloudrjyo13arcgwwkudoc9daverhjiuijzz1Trust in the Cloud

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Are you considering using the Cloud at your nonprofit organization? What are some implications of the use of the Cloud for nonprofits and social justice movements?83oij5gtvgrb5de3e3k4tvpl969or2vq (Hold up, if first you want to get caught up on “What is the Cloud?“? Read from Mashable or LearnFree.)hpinzp8j9twf27rybtnqyryjgcmtrlpy Calling it “The Cloud” […]

Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining5boxo35327ohevofzxyqj9sk1ipwzjruSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining">Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenliningwpr06pzfq9huxxfqfu837wv6fdz9ryqdSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: We admire JC and Braelan, the good folks over at the Greenlining Institute in Berkeley. Today, we want to share out their newest publication, The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits. The strategy guide is filled with social media strategies and tactics to really build a foundation for […]

Crash Course in Online Activismgou8hcx3if6hpv071q5445hzmgu49qfgCrash Course in Online Activism">Crash Course in Online Activism09c7n0jcktx0fb92mn2nnonv2vp3c0p3Crash Course in Online Activism

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Are you creating an online campaign with a group of young folks? Are you interested in becoming an activist?hvaj7ayt9qcl5na72v98huxliv2y8pgf If you have an important story to share online, start here!pz555uqj630plh5kglvt5q61pkx378un Watch the video to get a 3 minute e-Advocacy crash course, What is e-Advocacy?jiry166cezd652cg86lbkwteercfxbi7, produced by Jennifer Dueñas from the […]

Pain, Passion, Fame, and Funenz80fx1htkphdlqvnasxxgtmpzi36f8Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun">Pain, Passion, Fame, and Funhycny946yfc7fybhzt996cpaqig1xvh5Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun

(English → Dansk) View originalTranslators: Have you been thinking about how to get people to care about the information you are putting online?bgwhil2lmalaftbs0oiaqm2oyd6ub41c As you begin the process to engage people in the offline or online world, you have to figure out how your messaging reaches the people you care about by tapping into what […]

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