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Keeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrixsk3c6vtwgsfse1xfmqg02vuvr3dita5bKeeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrix">Keeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrixedzan811fxqbun67rfyjcbnewgw4p2auKeeping Track of Your Dashboard Feeds with a Listening Matrix

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: We, like a lot of other people, love using a “listening dashboard” like Netvibes to listen to the social web. It’s free, pretty easy to put together and it does all the work for you of tracking down when your name or organization has been mentioned online. Fun stuff. The […]

Discover Who’s Linking To Your Site697oym486vvmqr4t5b9jq3f6pklamv0iDiscover Who’s Linking To Your Site">Discover Who’s Linking To Your Site0atzby21x9r3acs7fw0jnr2je905ufokDiscover Who’s Linking To Your Site

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Being the social media geek that I am, I sometimes forget not everyone knows the little tips that have become second-nature to me when I set up RSS feeds to search for social media mentions of our organization. Leading a Building a Social Media Dashboard seminar last week at the […]

Pulling Facebook Content Into Your Netvibes Dashboardwu97i1hhf6of8lye3qrqbueamxa7jd06Pulling Facebook Content Into Your Netvibes Dashboard">Pulling Facebook Content Into Your Netvibes Dashboardypyn9bnd9rlq3a4p7cdjunxe93lxykemPulling Facebook Content Into Your Netvibes Dashboard

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Facebook is like a walled garden. Their flip flopping on privacy issues and public access makes it so RSS feeds, which are by nature public, not so readily available. Unfortunately, Netvibes relies on RSS to tell us when people are talking about our organization. There are still a couple ways […]

Building a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes4qcztyc15jky8ab0mhomskartpw53uoyBuilding a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes">Building a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes81qwrajo4ndhow1q96n5jz3rf2epz29xBuilding a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about Social Media Dashboards, I thought I would condense Aspiration‘s Building Your Own Social Media Dashboard slide deck into a blog post to show you how easy it is to start monitoring social media outlets for what you care about.p22zm2wsdmlktqn7mpg4jl9nsyx9dads What the hoozeewhatsit is a […]

Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboardsbess5ojdryv4xlollwuk1hb40d1hx75yNetvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards">Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboardsamhj18ltjnos9rfbfv1rv8biv8sre9veNetvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: As you may know, we here at Social Source Commons and Aspiration are big proponents of putting together a Social Media Dashboard to monitor what people are saying about you online. The basic idea was that social media sites post RSS feeds for searches. This means that you can search […]

“Are You Taking Full Advantage of RSS?” or “RSS 201”">“Are You Taking Full Advantage of RSS?” or “RSS 201”

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Many people have no idea what that funny little icon is on some webpages. It’s not really hurting anything so most people ignore it as another “computer thing” that they don’t need to know about. Others, who know what RSS is, know it as a easier way to stay on […]


(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: We all know that you can pull feeds from Social Source Commons. Through RSS, you can be automatically notified for all sorts of changes from new users to new toolboxes. RSS feeds are a great way to get a wide range of updates from all over the internet together in […]

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