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Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingvuee3qbcttafxpc0yqchtqacatjmarywText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingqnr6jnustwt6mieuaia9qp9w87e8tqraText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.511k7mldoq2zf2cm9dxpqfecaxbng60b Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?gds5ybgzzuq12j7d7e3a4pqw50sv75pe Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Pain, Passion, Fame, and Funoajhpkagmqq855pe7g1vsm56w0g2mu21Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun">Pain, Passion, Fame, and Fun5ipql4cevf1ehsxm0wqjlc4jqt5b2dsyPain, Passion, Fame, and Fun

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Have you been thinking about how to get people to care about the information you are putting online?a2f8d9dn0fywlnny8s6zv6bnhhm4ecqf As you begin the process to engage people in the offline or online world, you have to figure out how your messaging reaches the people you care about by tapping into what […]

Engaging Network Hubsk1kfnudut68cvzxh35gv7s6zkia2weq6Engaging Network Hubs">Engaging Network Hubsqlutwdnvpkkvjr5man1eo434ety82k7iEngaging Network Hubs

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: One of the best ways to take advantage of social networks is to realize that they work just like in-person social networks. Well. Maybe not JUST like in-person social networks. There isn’t much handshaking going on, but the underlying strategies and mutual back-scratching of in-person relationships and network-building are still […]

Skype Recording Tools8e1c4ho01re8u23kzvq33tb2zr0p5j94Skype Recording Tools">Skype Recording Toolsiamxnm0vpt73vmvdgb1yrgepv5blxg95Skype Recording Tools

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.67s8zigmw5x1pqhxs0tvw8kqto2d52o1 As a nonprofit tool, Skype is in a lot of organizations’ back pockets. Easy international (and domestic) calling, low rates and a simple interface make it a great communications tool. One glaring hole was the […]

SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.">SSC Facebook: Marcia Marcia Marcia, etc.

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about channels, focuses (foci) and conversation, the elephant in the room is the Social Source Commons Facebook page. Kind of the Jan Brady compared to the Marcia that is the Aspiration Facebook page, our SSC Facebook page just doesn’t get much play. While the Aspiration […]

Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebookoym5dpyvpqq0c7u12v8qwjwoqpo6gkluMusings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook">Musings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebookpil40e2493h12ome5an9fklk642njuvyMusings & Rumblings on Twitter vs. Facebook

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: FeatureComparisonssekpj2srf3vn9ww51sorks5mxbempus7 Following6ll01e7o0di3aor1rr3o5up7vhk2221z Character Limitsovbzmz9tskmcew5zbysfn3jdkpzsvxna @ Functionalityc995rugnrn9ymljgowa13k6pkgpc3j65 Streamsi4pbfq5zq9d2crxy1ct5jjt1k6ywam7j Additional Contentohnz2lutpv0o2ftxwsu9hzgv2x6yip7w Searchestdkm7gj56ymsam7w9pcdxf3p15whpa89 Conversationszq0scuqz5krdhaldmnuyvwqi0d4iwu7m Forwarding Contentiiq9xfr4f8dnm0hs5c2qvn2p8kk968cf Idealware recently introduced a great tool for nonprofits thinking about using Twitter2pgi1cnlliw17m8j46j3oj5kbexexptqcpkfl4r81n8v12atlgpfo1nyycge21t4auyrwozsn7e470jv3677t9abq5h6wx2xkqowzh3h6gtkba1vbspmtv7rgeg04fufdm0uln34pbtlhpgq8ruo01tpo5benktrf0ce8pbh6qkexx2jxmig1n8lluuriylo4exmg9a6kjt3ptq7lrqobmp9fh9b65e1bn5k7vafkf4xt3tm0qbil7ljeyn701j2 and Facebookspulh32y6ujpwp5rnevro15o5zeecduuxmcl0xetcoz95slugacbxcivguz29llxmlb26fdylxoc5utcc28wp6lgqmystlm61kqeti4dc2k4vluvdw17mzs28wpfgtr82sohb3c3yl2yt3854w21yqsqdlh6n1gflabjwa5yut62ebivxkrnb8ml8zo64nrf6852o1g2dl7e2hvipuvzcequ2lk0kbshavtt3xuvtnx3n8jbt6i7wf2e8sughkqh for organizational communications. The tool is a great introduction to some of the differences between the two services and where they may be […]

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