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What’s Your Desert Island Tool?">What’s Your Desert Island Tool?

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Those working in nonprofits and other NGOs use a ton of software everyday. Just look at the New Tools coming into Social Source Commons! I’ll give you a nickel if you’ve heard of half of ’em. A NICKEL.j6z3jla7dl6d7slszelh5j12qm9e1wba Nonprofit professionals are working in an world of extremely diverse topic areas […]

Tools for Social Changeznrn5eli86o72zhj2gx8stcq49lruy4jTools for Social Change">Tools for Social Changea9q7g5h8syz0ao66j5ajnb0ynjy6dredTools for Social Change

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Aspiration (mama org to Social Source Commons) is spending the week here in Detroit, MI for the 2010 United States Social Forum. USSF is a gathering place for activists, non-profits and people concerned with social justice and inequality in society. vdc0blm9u5787iyxufbrv7pf4grxov29There’s an incredible number of people here (~20,000) and Aspiration […]

Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizationswwtb5l7llwnrfi8lgxwo1hor7th99wjvToolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations">Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizationsky47x3h4hszr2ag85ehpiclv05nffk0qToolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.v6gjh7mfoqdnaqmygvrq1no9nxa58teu Recently, Charise Van Liew of fuseDC put together a toolbox entitled Toolbox for Smaller Nonprofit Organizations that was filled with tools that fuseDC recommends to, you guessed it, smaller nonprofits. fuseDC describes their organization as:7xtdagimmxmv83xw69sgxkyf4erq4yf2 […]

A Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Apps1ejw5vyvjgwhbb93mxbzj65l80ep4kevA Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Apps">A Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Appsgrgx9bzh1irta6ho6gbu65hzjahahwnnA Toolbox of Free and Open Source Web Design Apps

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Embedded below is a toolbox that I put together on Social Source Commons of tools that I use when working on websites that Aspiration manages (Aspiration, Social Source Commons, SSC Blog & Answr). I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a narrative with a toolbox.7njs1tmcctpzt0modipxwq026frqjkzg First […]

Tools to Mobilize Knowledget0x9xovf6b4uzkf2kgopomvsb89gnns7Tools to Mobilize Knowledge">Tools to Mobilize Knowledgei1qn7o5yk7xcmt578yr85zaxn1f4cu9kTools to Mobilize Knowledge

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.ktrdv2fvofu1dtonmhyuxj5bh954bydl There is so much information related to social justice and nonprofit organizations floating around the internet just waiting to be plucked from research obscurity and be used by an organization that can affect real lives. […]

Digital Asset Management Platformsryov0e8rapdjbwlva01r413hdps72p9jDigital Asset Management Platforms">Digital Asset Management Platformsnfy6lb8tn5nqgwu7k6nh8vh9k4wertn5Digital Asset Management Platforms

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Photo Pile Image courtesy of Orin Zebestz6mabh3d71e70tgfez0xifu0jqmvur8j First of all, if you aren’t receiving the NTEN Discuss newsletter as a nonprofit techie, then you should get on that asap. Great conversations and resources from people that know exactly what it’s like to be the accidental techie at a nonprofit organization. […]

Social Media and Accessibilityjua8dapg7q753vm9rq3rqqov6426e6roSocial Media and Accessibility">Social Media and Accessibility3awf2jusw71tnocd4zcxrw9c8ee15nbySocial Media and Accessibility

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: An example of CAPTCHAhy3lvvf4sr9iqm7q1rm113180mxfe8fm We here at Social Source Commons Blog recently got an email asking us to reconsider our use of reCaptcha for spam management on our blog. reCAPTCHA is a tool that uses the CAPTCHA technique to verify that the person requesting to interact with the site (post […]

Blogs + Social Media = ? (Blog Posts to Check Out)ia5cqra8w076hml5xao5d4ixftfiuj82Blogs + Social Media = ? (Blog Posts to Check Out)">Blogs + Social Media = ? (Blog Posts to Check Out)wnjdcpaue11ifgs6ys4ygkaro1x1msw9Blogs + Social Media = ? (Blog Posts to Check Out)

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: One thing that I’m interested in (along with 90% of the nonprofit world) is the connection and potential return on investment between social media and the organization. A few great blog posts have been floating around out there that I thought I should share for those of you looking into […]

Nonprofit Social Media: Audience Assessment8h55j36ctkum7fy4g1tzka9ww0zg1470Nonprofit Social Media: Audience Assessment">Nonprofit Social Media: Audience Assessmentp3gnypru7vpfcxm2juuad55ccon2nu83Nonprofit Social Media: Audience Assessment

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of dunechaser9npns65i065jpp4fia7tuavujjsjooeo Recently, I was talking to a few members of a nonprofit who were frustrated with their higher-ups who were pushing major projects on Facebook without having a clear understanding of what they were using Facebook for in the first place. Somewhat ironically, by posting the question […]

2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit0ukp8au37swadpyvptqiybdjvyalqlng2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit">2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit7dd3za5mlo7b1h6hebbjxosn79f9esmb2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: This past week, Aspiration put on the 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit in Oakland, CA. It was pretty incredible. 80+ people involved in social change, nonprofit tech and software development coming to one place to not just listen to a couple of keynoters speak, but to listen to each other. […]

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