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Developing New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pagesrj9ts979k7jdlsqyqbwv49jgcytte45vDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages">Developing New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages5i13do6beoskqazahh028lw70cdhkp1gDeveloping New Tech Projects, Part 2: Test Pages

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: (Check out part one of this project here! )soovsfnvvuhhuzcilvxomy2he16eb5au We’re getting closer to launching our webpage for nonprofit learning resources, designed for anyone concerned with using and making decisions about technology for social change. We appreciate all who shared helpful feedback on our digital page mock-ups. Now, we’ve brought these […]

Resources: How to Protect your Emailrcr8h2gvmgly4v1hlon40s4192nl3rzkResources: How to Protect your Email">Resources: How to Protect your Emailgwjlrl8wicfyrnr3s674zn15kdsqqyfxResources: How to Protect your Email

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: With great honor, Aspiration gets to join Jack and Jamila from Palante Technology Cooperative for a session on “PGP Encryption for Our Movements” at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit on June 19-22, 2014. The AMC is a “collaborative labratory” where activists, techies, artists, and educators create and share transformative […]

Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingpt7uzef5eftd2656bb8doc8wer38w1ccText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingmsh5kse79el2p6f03zc2aom6k67f3npfText Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.cbrcb520x7e22s13qu7flldp9195yrr1 Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?qhsntgzxzzjhk1xhgbluo5w9pqw2ufza Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Preparing Your Computer for Translation Purposesms4r88d5rh1pyod98hahx67pip68ktvxPreparing Your Computer for Translation Purposes">Preparing Your Computer for Translation Purposes0re1tmup4xtw3o4khmw500kg5lrv8xqzPreparing Your Computer for Translation Purposes

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Here at Aspiration, we love to use free open source software, so our go to office suite is LibreOffice. For those of you who do not know what LibreOffice is, it is basically the equivalent to Microsoft Office suite, but better because it is free!tgpeav8hi4fpzcqyhsyw21k5o7jgb9nu I was recently doing some […]

Data: Your Most Important Tech Assetnx9ni2fbycywzwkhp1c00hbkzdqlofl2Data: Your Most Important Tech Asset">Data: Your Most Important Tech Assetph8459ikippxpcbcax91jzzywa3kr7u6Data: Your Most Important Tech Asset

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: As much as we love tools here at SSC, we find that many nonprofits focus too much on them when thinking about their technology strategy and infrastructure. While tools are an important and necessary piece, it’s important that an organization focus on the more crucial piece of the technological equation: […]

Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend Toolstw4604v2p2qo4upfj59lvczhm360pqg8Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend Tools">Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend Tools7vdgl0um1iiu8ux8asurgncqazqnvaasWall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend Tools

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Recently, a group of coders gathered together in Greenwich Village to put together tools to promote privacy, security and data transparency. This was the The Wall Street Journal Data Transparency Weekend.xdr4j8b0eoxdxk6hg0prrt9cbxfjvx0i Aspiration was excited to be involved in such an important movement happening in tool development. You can see photos […]

Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updated3ec3l219e15gwf4e3gfv85p0cfihj7ndFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated">Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updatedf0c5xvg0ytzsn5uklosq46eqerxf32z8Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updated

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our Facebook Page vs. Group blog post to match current, April 2012 reality, knowing full well that it will change after I hit “Publish” 🙂43fr5bnwo3j8xu3xsm7np1y0jvo4bkt6 Take a look at our updated chart below and click on it to get […]

Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter">Matt’s Tools for Putting Together an HTML Email Newsletter

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Continuing the email newsletter support that started with Why HTML Email Newsletter Editors Suck, I put together a toolbox on Social Source Commons of tools that I use at Aspiration to create our HTML email newsletters.q3d8pukb3he2djoq9oewvbgwpfzfbxps The Custom Description Text of each tool tells you a little bit about why […]

Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit5qd6byz8913ndfsh3z2wqzo0cipdj0feUsing Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit">Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit819l9snd85dot118862fzey1hd8xxriwUsing Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Recently, we had a conversation with an organization who was getting pressure to use a closed tool called Jimdo rather than the open-source tool, WordPress for their web site. Jimdo seemed easier and quicker and they wanted to know what we thought about it. Here’s a couple points that we […]

Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Securityet36g30tl9r8gvl86lqdc31zffeebnkgBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security">Breakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security8c7ztfy4bn4pzfr4ynzcqant43spj7piBreakups are Hard: Departing Staff and Tech Security

(English → Deutsch) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of zebedee.zebedeenf6z23mhz590yr0pp15lhfql8py4fohs Ending any relationship is hard. Creating a standard set of processes can ease the pain of the schism. When a marriage ends, there are legal filings, transfer and division of property and the surrendering of keys and changing of locks to ensure security. When an employee […]

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