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Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @">Making a ‘Tweet This’ Button with # and @

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Are you trying to set up a “Tweet This” link in your email newsletter but it keeps looking funny or not including all the text?3ptam8rvbdn4dvsxxf2kj6eon5vu6w60 Last year, Matt wrote one of Social Source Common’s most popular blog posts that details Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links. The post includes what […]

Photos for Nonprofitsf7xd7w37gcz9evollmf4ahezaygns7vxPhotos for Nonprofits">Photos for Nonprofitsc67obb2rta9gkvfxvtjcvba9ydjuzb91Photos for Nonprofits

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Talking to a small nonprofit looking to get started on Social Media recently, the executive director told me that she’s trying her hardest to get comfortable with Flickr because she knew that it was the place for photos and social networking.z54louxzqo1rh25ruuwl0lmu0flk0zxq Immediately, I thought to myself: “Wait. Is it?” It […]

Open Source Facebook-ing1nz6n3bssy4l68ven4celqdxgj9hgco7Open Source Facebook-ing">Open Source Facebook-ingk7y5tsf2ucwne7n98i9fmrktwzmzj5xuOpen Source Facebook-ing

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Firefoxyop2u4joqwoj0h0ornx9cv92ykley76m Songbirdbvquvfymtougjre2z4tpfgbne99cuxfw WordPress72a5dqd1wyzvk19y7284iiu7uywaqm5n While the general population probably still has no idea what it means for something to be “open source“, the movement is growing. Firefoxyop2u4joqwoj0h0ornx9cv92ykley76m, Songbirdbvquvfymtougjre2z4tpfgbne99cuxfw and WordPress72a5dqd1wyzvk19y7284iiu7uywaqm5n, among others, are software tools that are increasing the visibility of the open source value system which emphasizes open access to […]

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