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Dashboarding Guide from Netvibes364f9f5isz9j2othn4n5orcor6w9aib4Dashboarding Guide from Netvibes">Dashboarding Guide from Netvibes4n7mgoauhglpmzi2idxbpfy5bg941hdwDashboarding Guide from Netvibes

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Our favorite dashboarding tool Netvibes has put together a Dashboarding Guide that inventories Monitoring and Analytics tools available to track your presence online (similar to putting together a Social Source Commons Toolbox).670mq9hying5v2r1sbaaz0bkg4koxzsu It’s nice to have a document describing these tools while explaining their individual integration options with Netvibes. Tools […]

Building a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibescl5ba7sr4t1z6olf5bjlolv3jkq5kb8mBuilding a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes">Building a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes3zqxtc43avtc8qvq3ruyuqyqxgj1v8qoBuilding a Social Media Dashboard with Netvibes

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: With all of this talk about Social Media Dashboards, I thought I would condense Aspiration‘s Building Your Own Social Media Dashboard slide deck into a blog post to show you how easy it is to start monitoring social media outlets for what you care about.7v4l9udqw7mpcnig250tfc2siwe7bfq9 What the hoozeewhatsit is a […]

Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboardspvs65djqblu9w8rwo7rty4dy9giiumtaNetvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards">Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboardsolzx1f3o3b5g8dzlz6yhsddcms8rto18Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: As you may know, we here at Social Source Commons and Aspiration are big proponents of putting together a Social Media Dashboard to monitor what people are saying about you online. The basic idea was that social media sites post RSS feeds for searches. This means that you can search […]

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