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Dashboarding Guide from Netvibes

Our favorite dashboarding tool Netvibes has put together a Dashboarding Guide that inventories Monitoring and Analytics tools available to track your presence online (similar to putting together a Social Source Commons Toolbox).

It’s nice to have a document describing these tools while explaining their individual integration options with Netvibes. Tools are categorized by “Monitoring”, “Listening” and “Analyzing.” However, in my opinion, it’s hard to find practical differences between the “Monitoring” and “Listening” tools. What does a “monitoring” tool do different than a “listening” tool, I ask you? Regardless, each category takes you to a list of tools and while there isn’t much of a guided walk-through, the breadth of the tools covered is impressive. Each tool page has information about the tool as well as a place to leave comments and ratings similar to SSC Tool Comments (*cough* plug *cough*).

Netvibes Dashboarding Guide

Overall, it’s great that Netvibes is putting this list together as more and more monitoring tools start coming out of the woodwork and as it becomes even easier to put together a comprehensive Social Media Dashboard. I wish there was more of a guide to how to use the “Guide” as when I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be more of a walk-through about using these tools effectively in your dashboard. Also, more filter options and designations for tools that require outside accounts (as in outside of the widget you add to your dashboard) would be much appreciated.

That being said, Netvibes has told us that this is just the first iteration so hopefully this Dashboarding Guide will mature into a great resource for those trying to navigate the world of social media tracking! So check out Netvibe’s Dashboarding Guide and let me know what YOU think!

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