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How do you Manage your Board of Directors?

Recently I learned about BoardnetWork–a web based tool nonprofits can use to manage their Board of Directors. Each board member logs on to this website and can access key board information, read board meeting minutes, access board training resources, and find out when the next board meeting. This seems very useful, however I wonder how many boards are actually using this type of software?

At Aspiration we use a software tool called Basecamp that works as a project management tool and has some of the same features as BoardnetWork in the generic sense. We provided Basecamp access to our board members so they can view upcoming meetings, read meeting minutes and important organizational documents, however they rarely access their Basecamp account. Do you use an online software tool to manage your Board of Directors and does your board like being able to access all your organizational documents online?

In the interest of my question above, I created a community toolbox called Board Management for Nonprofits. Please feel free to add a tool you are using to manage your Board of Directors or check out what is already listed there. Thanks!

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