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New Features and New Mischief!

We just rolled a new version of SSC live this weekend, and wanted to tell you about new features and new mischief…

We have added several features to better support Community Toolboxes:

  • The most new important capability is that Community Toolboxes now may be edited collaboratively, should you choose to allow it. When you create a new Community Toolbox, you’re now prompted to indicate whether others can edit your new toolbox, or just you, the creator. And you can change this setting any time you like after the toolbox is created. This feature gives you the ability to start a list of tools, and invite others to help you finish it. We look forward to seeing how creative folks get in leveraging the new functionality!
  • A “New Toolboxes” panel and feed on the SSC Home page announce the most recently created Community Toolboxes; check it out and let us know what you think!
  • A “New Toolboxes from my contacts” section on your personal home page lets you know whenever one of your contacts creates a new Community Toolbox, or adds a Community Toolbox to their watch list.

In addition, there are now better “tag cloud” management features when browsing by tag; you can expand and shrink the cloud to change the number of displayed tags.

We also fixed a few bugs and usability issues folks had shared with us. Please keep that feedback coming, WE LOVE IT!

And now for the MISCHIEF! We got tired of staring at all the silhouettes of folks who hadn’t uploaded an image for their account, so we took the liberty of randomly generating images for folks who hadn’t set their own picture. If you’ve been living on SSC as a silhouette, you can see if you approve of your new image , and change it if you don’t. And if you hate us for taking away your sexy silhouette, just let us know; we’re glad to put it back the way it was :^)

Finally, we added a “History and Appreciations” page to help tell the story of SSC. Have a look and find out more about the folks who have helped bring the platform to life.

Thanks from the whole SSC Team!

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