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Monthly Archives: May, 2007

New Features and New Mischief!

We just rolled a new version of SSC live this weekend, and wanted to tell you about new features and new mischief… We have added several features to better support Community Toolboxes: The most new important capability is that Community Toolboxes now may be edited collaboratively, should you choose to allow it. When you create […]

How did I miss that?

Every so often I’ll come across a tool that is not in SSC and I’ll wonder how, with over 1600 tools in our database, it could possibly have been overlooked. A few months ago I had one of these moments with Microsoft Word, which was not in the database even though we had every other […]

The SSC Blogroll (Part 1)

On a daily basis, I sort through several blogs and articles in order to find new information to put on SSC. Most of the time I’m searching for new tools, but often I get good articles about how to effectively use tools already in the system, or reviews that compare two or more similar tools. […]

How I Decide Whether to Enter a New Tool Into SSC

Since coming to Aspiration, a large portion of my job has been spent filling out the database of tools that we have on SSC. Mostly, this is done by me going through a series of blogs and bookmarking sites to see if there if there are any interesting new tools or information about existing tools […]

My Nonprofit Operations Community Toolboxes

My name is Heather Carpenter, I’m Assistant Director at Aspiration. My passion is nonprofit operations and I also write the Nonprofit Management and Operations blog on Aspiration’s website. I added software to my toolbox a while ago, however I really like to new community toolbox feature on SSC and just added the following community toolboxes: […]

Featured Community Toolbox: Amanda Hickman’s Recycle-A-Bicycle Toolbox

Continuing with our profiling of new Community Toolboxes, we move on to Amanda Hickman‘s Recycle-A-Bicycle Toolbox. Amanda is a consultant in Brooklyn, NY. She also directs communications at Recycle-A-Bicycle, for whom she created this toolbox. I recently chatted with her over email.

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