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The SSC Blogroll (Part 1)

On a daily basis, I sort through several blogs and articles in order to find new information to put on SSC. Most of the time I’m searching for new tools, but often I get good articles about how to effectively use tools already in the system, or reviews that compare two or more similar tools. I thought I would go through my favorite sites and mention why they are very helpful for finding new info for SSC. In part one, I will detail the sites and blogs that focus on technology for the nonprofit sector.

Idealware — Idealware, run by Laura Quinn, does an excellent job reviewing software for the nonprofit sector. The Consumer Reports type on in-depth analysis is a great resource for anyone in the nonprofit tech sector.

Beth’s Blog — Beth Cantor is a professional blogger and consultant to nonprofits. Her blog explores how to use new technology (blogging, tagging, wikis, photo sharing, video blogging, screencasting, social networking sites, and virtual worlds, etc) to support nonprofits.

Zen and the art of Nonprofit Technology — Another great blog to help with non-profit technology issues. Authored by Michelle Murrain, who is also the coordinator of NOSI.

NOSI Blog — NOSI (Nonprofit Open Source Initiative) is an organization whose goal is to encourage the nonprofit sector to use open source software and to help NPO’s to that end.

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director — Blog designed to be a “safe haven” for those unfortunate souls who are IT professionals for non-profits.

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate — This blog specializes in collaboration over the web for NGO’s and NPO’s. It’s definitely a good place to visit if your organization is spread out over wide geographic area.

Tech for Non-Profits — Another great site to chronicle what works and what doesn’t in the nonprofit tech sector.

It’s Common Knowledge — Deals primarily with online fundraising, advocacy, marketing and communications in the nonprofit sector.

ONE/Northwest — Specializes in strategies for organizations whose goal is to engage people to help protect the environment.

The rest of the blogs are not specific to the nonprofit sector, and I’ll give more detail about them in a future post.

2 Comments to The SSC Blogroll (Part 1)

  1. kanter's Gravatar kanter
    May 19, 2007 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    I’m honored to be included on your blogroll!

  2. kanter's Gravatar kanter
    May 19, 2007 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    I’m honored to be included on your blogroll!

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