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Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updatedofvg6n8rk3x2n5wz70dxz701shr6vd1aFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated">Facebook Page vs. Group Post Updated02c1ifninw9evd4578rrv87adb75x8voFacebook Page vs. Group Post Updated

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Hi Folks, just wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our Facebook Page vs. Group blog post to match current, April 2012 reality, knowing full well that it will change after I hit “Publish” 🙂zqo7fipz4c0k53evqloe4fxthj42lswa Take a look at our updated chart below and click on it to get […]

Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsguxn1o728bz4rr47gq7xua5ca2garq5xManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications">Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsrge7vg4tt3sgiztdgflrpcu3vvd8t3hbManaging Multiple People Doing Online Communications

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Social networks were not invented for ease of organizational use. Individual accounts… Attached to personal networks… New Year’s Photos seen by all… Cats and Dogs LIVING TOGETHER. Many a sticky situation has arisen from the organization using tools designed for individuals to try to get actual work done. Then trying […]

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