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Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenliningzg6ssa95k7smfbdzhg7nhbn6ux9z21orSocial Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining">Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenlininghg4i9fv7438keph4bm3lbch9wzwzth00Social Media Toolkit Released by Greenlining

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: We admire JC and Braelan, the good folks over at the Greenlining Institute in Berkeley. Today, we want to share out their newest publication, The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits. The strategy guide is filled with social media strategies and tactics to really build a foundation for […]

Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsg9aepei5ga9xz5s177mc0u8btoi3xoc3Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communications">Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communicationsk2ob697sxfkgg91scx5vrajugk16ugh4Managing Multiple People Doing Online Communications

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Social networks were not invented for ease of organizational use. Individual accounts… Attached to personal networks… New Year’s Photos seen by all… Cats and Dogs LIVING TOGETHER. Many a sticky situation has arisen from the organization using tools designed for individuals to try to get actual work done. Then trying […]

A Template for Calendaring Your Messaging1twv86noprns04qvg9w25g2w3l86tlskA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging">A Template for Calendaring Your Messagingxs55t3m8k7whn4zpqfirrsgnr0bu0p5nA Template for Calendaring Your Messaging

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: One of the best practices often overlooked by many “I’m spinning too many plates on long skinny poles” nonprofits is calendaring out the messaging your organization is going to send ahead of time. Akin to flossing, calendaring your messaging ahead of time is something that organizations think that they should […]

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