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Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links">Creating “Share This on Facebook/Twitter” Links

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Recently, someone asked me how to put together a link in HTML that, when clicked, took the clicker to their Twitter page with a tweet already filled in. She basically wanted an easy way to let people share her newsletter. I was putting this little color-coded guide together for her […]

Fun with SSC Toolboxes7jxwkmmsa8q0wrg9nnvhfcwx9axgi8jgFun with SSC Toolboxes">Fun with SSC Toolboxesjofhee1jd1jc5yox5v9bbvmoulvxklvuFun with SSC Toolboxes

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: We all know that on Social Source Commons it’s super simple to create a toolbox by clicking on “Create toolbox” in the green “My Toolboxes” sidebar in the “My Toolboxes” tab.hnoaqbjtkcvwhemxgbzseoxwfyp7kvss I mean, just look at all the Community Toolboxes SSC users have created!5f86f88p6jkm0fym3lujurzb11wlw54s But you may not have realized […]

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