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Surveying CTC VISTA Software Toolsevejkjidk4oykmugte9hd2izxfc1ckigSurveying CTC VISTA Software Tools">Surveying CTC VISTA Software Toolsgmqptc6tjr5d8oxz7dqweyg5pfm5dfpkSurveying CTC VISTA Software Tools

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: One of the projects that we’re implementing here at SSC is a survey of Americorps CTC VISTAs such as myself.  Every CTC VISTA is placed at a nonprofit somewhere in the United States.  Our roles center on capacity building for our organizations and behind the scenes, sustainable contributions to their […]

Bringing More Value to the SSC Communitydzpwesz9zi6mp56crvxnjguiqvgnzii3Bringing More Value to the SSC Community">Bringing More Value to the SSC Communitydzm4dylujw4kojshm1bmwzp3axloryvuBringing More Value to the SSC Community

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: We here at Aspiration are constantly trying to offer greater value in the Social Source Commons for our users.  We realize that our community of users is the most important part of this undertaking and we’re starting to form some new Community Engagement goals to address the subject of you, […]

Howdy from Matt3acd2wfyjb50b4qeya66bmnwxf3jdpf6Howdy from Matt">Howdy from Matt9f11sdofbmxen10tdgx2scnynwsceqleHowdy from Matt

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: I just wanted to throw out a quick Hello to all you SSC blog readers out there.  I’m really looking forward to working with Aspiration and the Social Source Commons as a CTC VISTA and I hope that you will all feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns […]

Aspiration Welcomes Matt Garcia as Social Source Commons Community Managere59tyan1n2vwjffcsqj078dqteriw5w1Aspiration Welcomes Matt Garcia as Social Source Commons Community Manager">Aspiration Welcomes Matt Garcia as Social Source Commons Community Managerfpqsmgrtpf5x9vp8d5fjqq249t5hzy55Aspiration Welcomes Matt Garcia as Social Source Commons Community Manager

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Matt Garcia joins Aspiration as Community Manager for our Social Source Commons platform. Matt will maintain the SSC blog, engage users to learn how we can enhance the system to better serve their needs, and oversee community outreach for the project, working with the rest of the team to make […]

Mapping Nonprofit Project Management Toolsbx2w2o54dva4e7ev7j67qg6bpnkc1fg3Mapping Nonprofit Project Management Tools">Mapping Nonprofit Project Management Toolspeu65lm68u2t1pn7hoseurjkdk50qjt6Mapping Nonprofit Project Management Tools

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Aspiration and Idealware co-organized the first-ever Managing Nonprofit Technology Projects gathering in New York on January 10th and 11th, 2008.jcmmwet3kd2qf7nhk0u9c2qdo2k8xep7 We created an SSC toolbox containing all the project management tools which participants mapped out and tagged using state-of-the art sticky-note technology at the event. You can also see notes […]

SSC Surpasses 1900 Tools!7pmm2khwrei86n8c8si9r6gmaluohj2fSSC Surpasses 1900 Tools!">SSC Surpasses 1900 Tools!eusrs1qd06r30jh9mxq4pexnh1iyh06lSSC Surpasses 1900 Tools!

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Thanks to great contributions by community members, the SSC tool count marches upward and onward! We’ve gotten great additions recently from a number of SSC users, including:afjtlldttfq0vk3y1p60ik178syt1qr1 Rolf, who created a toolbox called Thunderbird as RSS Reader, detailing the collection of plugins and tools he uses to manage his RSS […]

Social Source Commons Podcast on NetSquared8h4hkjlgw2xme2830dkkhpsx7t9717x0Social Source Commons Podcast on NetSquared">Social Source Commons Podcast on NetSquaredx5sma0cfnvoi8hjifibyggshxsy0273pSocial Source Commons Podcast on NetSquared

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Britt Bravo recently interviewed Aspiration’s Allen Gunn about Social Source Commons, and posted the discussion as a podcast on the NetSquared site. Thanks Britt!qyvzuy0m8hcz9xm3a3vxxp3r5a5rs6x8 (original) View Français translationBritt Bravo recently interviewed Aspiration’s Allen Gunn about Social Source Commons, and posted the discussion as a podcast on the NetSquared site. Thanks […]

Tools from the eAdvocacy Jamboreeooln3gs4zqpg45qzog1vcx901lxklckzTools from the eAdvocacy Jamboree">Tools from the eAdvocacy Jamboreef2oqmkmh5azt67z9mdc70ktnxg7xd81iTools from the eAdvocacy Jamboree

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Friday concluded the eAdvocacy Jamboree, and we had a killer time, that was also very informative.t0rsi9e4sqrep60yt3cb7v75h9j5jd22 If you couldn’t make it, I compiled a list of tools that were discussed during the Jamboree, and I’ll be making a Community Toolbox to go along with it shortly.86espaxd1g8zrr2fvaiet2t7f7hxnjcl If you were at […]

Blogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboree472ceipsaigi38itq0yw225ftgbzsvinBlogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboree">Blogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboreeo9js16t1uv82c6s6tedf33tb8doyen9sBlogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboree

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: This week, Aspiration is facilitating the eAdvocacy Jamboree. It’s the fourth part in a series of Aspiration events in which we are attempting to communicate the best practices of online advocacy to nonprofits and political change organizations.o6d0icu1cqh28cdaxcfxkp84qleudltr Looking at this from a Social Source Commons perspective, I thought I would […]

A note about new account registrationsj74ffbn8q5rivale4kwblj3bh0o259yfA note about new account registrations">A note about new account registrations2rldki9hs00jlrdsphbum1s7wgkj81p1A note about new account registrations

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: This is just a quick not to clarify the process for new account registrations. The account creation process is not automated. Instead, what happens is that an email is sent to me requesting a new account, and I set up the new account as soon as I see the email. […]

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