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Surveying CTC VISTA Software Tools

One of the projects that we’re implementing here at SSC is a survey of Americorps CTC VISTAs such as myself.  Every CTC VISTA is placed at a nonprofit somewhere in the United States.  Our roles center on capacity building for our organizations and behind the scenes, sustainable contributions to their goal.  The hope is that after a VISTA’s term of service ends, the work that they did and the impact that they made remain with the organization in a sustainable way.

Because of this capacity building focus as well as the diverse organizations to which they are assigned, CTC VISTAs have a wide array of tools that they find useful in their nonprofit work.  So surveying CTC VISTAs about the tools that they use on an everyday basis should be a pretty random, but at the same time, interesting look into a wide sampling of the nonprofit software usage in the U.S.

We’ll keep you updated on what we find.  In the meantime, you can follow the Toolbox at

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