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2010 #NPDev Summit Recap

This past Wednesday wrapped up the 2010 Nonprofit Software Development Summit in Oakland, CA and, let me tell you, it was a pretty sweet time. There were a lot of amazing people, projects and energy that came together and truly made it a community event.

Be sure to check out the Dev Summit Wiki to follow what all went down including sessions like:

We also used #npdev as our tag, so be sure to check out the Twitter Stream to see what people were talking about. Experimenting with our Resource Routing tag for Events, we threw out #devhelp, but not many people bit. However, at the very least, it was great feedback to evaluate in what situations that kind of community support takes off.

#npdev Stream

Thanks to all the participants who made this year an amazing opportunity to connect with others working toward social change through technology!

What was your favorite part of #NPDev this year?

The 2010 Nonprofit Software Development Summit was generously sponsored by Mozilla.
Our 2010 Dev Summit Community Partners are CiviCRM, The Centre for Internet and Society, and NetSquared

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