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Social Media Listening

At Social Source Commons, we’ve begun to kick up our Social Media presence. This means, among other things, dipping our collective toe into Twitter with SSC_Tweets and working on becoming more active in the NPTech blogging community.

Anyone working in nonprofit social media (or social media in general) can tell you that the trick to not feeling overwhelmed while following the information you want, is to do some selective listening. Using tools to filter your incoming information is becoming the only way to get the important news and information without being bombarded and buried under the noise. While many of these tools are familiar to us (Google Alerts, Twitter Search and RSS Readers like Bloglines) some like BoardReader may be new.

Beth Kanter recently put together a curriculum about Social Media listening and I wanted to showcase some of the tools that she recommends for monitoring social media in your sphere:

What tools do YOU use for keeping an ear to the ground when it comes to Social Media? Let us know or add them to Social Source Commons!

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