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Welcome to the SSC Blog!

Welcome to the SSC Blog! Our plan is to periodically update here with news related to SSC, new or interesting software tools that we’ve been seeing, and other random chatter that might be of interest to the nonprofit technology world.

My name is Tim Wescott, and I’ll be the one primarily responsible for what you see here. I’m also the most active member on SSC— not to brag, since it’s pretty easy to be the most active when that’s what you’re paid to do. My goal is to find new tools that can help nonprofits accomplish their mission, and provide helpful information so that they can better use those tools.

I hope my efforts will keep SSC an interesting and valuable resource for the software needs of NPO’s and NGO’s. Feel free to drop me a line at tim – at – aspirationtech – dot – org if you have any questions about SSC, or any of the tools we have listed on our site, or if you know of some new information or tool that I can enter into SSC. And, as always, criticism and praise is always appreciated.

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