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Monthly Archives: April, 2007

Featured Community Toolbox: Rolf Kleef’s Web Development Toolbox">Featured Community Toolbox: Rolf Kleef’s Web Development Toolbox

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: It’s been a few weeks now since we added the Community Toolbox feature to SSC, and we’ve had some great toolboxes added to the site. I thought I would take some time to detail a few of the new toolboxes, and get some input from the creators of the toolboxes […]

Welcome to the new Social Source Commons!cw2m5gqy7dkarujwynjjp83tdha2rw0uWelcome to the new Social Source Commons!">Welcome to the new Social Source Commons!wz1lb4u7rrtthaarjjgk8ra7tx62vpshWelcome to the new Social Source Commons!

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: We are proud to announce the release of a brand new Social Source Commons!ae5by7cu9o0djewnuxjl5eo6e49zolgo There are three core components to the upgrade:a6wsjaez1c4m5ma3w48c55jdmb6phzkh User Interface Redesign: Based on the great feedback we’ve received from many of you, we’ve overhauled the look and feel of SSC. We’ve worked to make the new […]

Welcome to the SSC Blog!1pk4yzq6f21qz3qjfawx9n6msprqxfyoWelcome to the SSC Blog!">Welcome to the SSC Blog!nigjetfcepc9x8za2heh13h5xlabt637Welcome to the SSC Blog!

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: Welcome to the SSC Blog! Our plan is to periodically update here with news related to SSC, new or interesting software tools that we’ve been seeing, and other random chatter that might be of interest to the nonprofit technology world.icfjqi19bxzc6psm3jfjq0rhae0xecgn My name is Tim Wescott, and I’ll be the one […]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Tim!">Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Tim!

(English → Italiano) View originalTranslators: If you’ve used Social Source Commons at all over the past 6 months, you’re likely familiar with the prodigious work of Tim Wescott, our SSC product manager. Tim has helped drive a five-fold growth in our database of tools since his arrival, and has supported our community of users while […]

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