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Open Source Facebook-ingyh99szrsnhftohy9ulb6e6e6we95e003Open Source Facebook-ing">Open Source Facebook-ing9cxk0uqg0ijc9uw5nsepmy3tckwdxf3xOpen Source Facebook-ing

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: Firefoxomhqsrf4n3gkdqaqnzw5fpihn03l1tvf Songbirds19fpj37h46y0z3r0b1j5hvwn04rqu58 WordPressle00yrgtaqv0myfhyu74198g04mz0tdb While the general population probably still has no idea what it means for something to be “open source“, the movement is growing. Firefoxomhqsrf4n3gkdqaqnzw5fpihn03l1tvf, Songbirds19fpj37h46y0z3r0b1j5hvwn04rqu58 and WordPressle00yrgtaqv0myfhyu74198g04mz0tdb, among others, are software tools that are increasing the visibility of the open source value system which emphasizes open access to […]

Social Media 2009?unql8a4qq4wtzn18y9yc8io4s3cb7ojsSocial Media 2009?">Social Media 2009?tdfu5dp70c7iubsysq6klr716z3lp9s9Social Media 2009?

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: As we flip the calendars to January 2009, I wanted to showcase some of the tool predictions that people have speculated about. Beth Kanter posted a great summary of Peter Kim‘s Social Media Predictions of 2009 which collects predictions from a number of social media and nonprofit tech types.qtaphxxq7zgvhcme2uhvoom5ow6p0mtg But, […]

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