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Open Source Facebook-ing8jllgngnbettdtcac13v7llqruxi8di7Open Source Facebook-ing">Open Source Facebook-ingn6ql560d349efewrxr9gta7s8se9c1bpOpen Source Facebook-ing

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: Firefox6j4twqfd68hbf72qfj954a0lwpvq2gez Songbird0ede5fshhvow27xhely8i2vnrcvgcy52 WordPresst84iwmo3ahdzop9pum4tdvqpngdpmxd5 While the general population probably still has no idea what it means for something to be “open source“, the movement is growing. Firefox6j4twqfd68hbf72qfj954a0lwpvq2gez, Songbird0ede5fshhvow27xhely8i2vnrcvgcy52 and WordPresst84iwmo3ahdzop9pum4tdvqpngdpmxd5, among others, are software tools that are increasing the visibility of the open source value system which emphasizes open access to […]

Social Media 2009?xf5wmdot0yewffcw0a2p5vw93es6w33jSocial Media 2009?">Social Media 2009?texoqa5dvwo3kf3qag5wr7sj9bwv3phmSocial Media 2009?

(English → Afrikaans) View originalTranslators: As we flip the calendars to January 2009, I wanted to showcase some of the tool predictions that people have speculated about. Beth Kanter posted a great summary of Peter Kim‘s Social Media Predictions of 2009 which collects predictions from a number of social media and nonprofit tech types.bzeixffa3036a3r52kje96ws10xy1su3 But, […]

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