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Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingw3m49g5pqoudh1ac36ef9gruzb0jgu42Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing">Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizingyugb09unpbasnkdvznddtvpj9btmh8b6Text Messaging for Grassroots Community Organizing

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Text messaging is more accessible than ever and can be a powerful tool in direct community organizing.mnfwols15j87ff2k99t16i4w1p8xe0xr Is Text Messaging Right for Your Work?xh5yfsmngme9jewao9gljrgfds6mny3a Short Message Service (SMS) can be an effective method for communicating and interacting with a relatively large audience of supporters in a direct and engaging way. […]

Facebook vs. Twitter for Nonprofitsgfe58maizutwnt2oowgo6ja6clmhdvtkFacebook vs. Twitter for Nonprofits">Facebook vs. Twitter for Nonprofitsuxoxbi9kuaklsatzf12urc5xzh64jg54Facebook vs. Twitter for Nonprofits

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: In the social media world, arguably the two highest profile tools are Facebook and Twitter. Both have become powerful tools for nonprofits not only for fundraising, but also for posting relevant news and connecting to groups of people otherwise unreached. However, while the two are often used together in the […]

Social Media 2009?jdfinsl5lap4wu30cdf9bgo3pk4750afSocial Media 2009?">Social Media 2009?il49jc5ldhia8hcq5blfnpnhkety4k0cSocial Media 2009?

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: As we flip the calendars to January 2009, I wanted to showcase some of the tool predictions that people have speculated about. Beth Kanter posted a great summary of Peter Kim‘s Social Media Predictions of 2009 which collects predictions from a number of social media and nonprofit tech types.wb0sczrgi0qswwf2lmud9wxjj8tu0prn But, […]

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