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Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofitb8rkgb4fyc6hhj3obsa0huxf7rfh2e13Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit">Using Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofits86awh8h08mxge7tox6yburi9bkzbtduUsing Closed vs. Open Web Site Tools as a Nonprofit

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Recently, we had a conversation with an organization who was getting pressure to use a closed tool called Jimdo rather than the open-source tool, WordPress for their web site. Jimdo seemed easier and quicker and they wanted to know what we thought about it. Here’s a couple points that we […]

Tools for Social Changezdp93mwv2p9bbjd2j4bbdeiwx503rkwgTools for Social Change">Tools for Social Changelol6kgl01c1cr5lbobbc4bbfj00n4azgTools for Social Change

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Aspiration (mama org to Social Source Commons) is spending the week here in Detroit, MI for the 2010 United States Social Forum. USSF is a gathering place for activists, non-profits and people concerned with social justice and inequality in society. g6dcpt88kihkwv97m7wi7m5k2p9ypphvThere’s an incredible number of people here (~20,000) and Aspiration […]

Translating Your Site with Worldwide Lexiconw3d0ik9jkrrp47lwbr1mawt6jhsquw4gTranslating Your Site with Worldwide Lexicon">Translating Your Site with Worldwide Lexicon0drxyfyojej82tunfx1n0bl6ncabpm7fTranslating Your Site with Worldwide Lexicon

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Photo courtesy of Shawn Econoja4bph8nxp77im1gp263qsky7hsfdvym In our continued quest to make our blog more accessible (see Social Media and Accessibility), we’ve added Worldwide Lexicon to the SSC Blog! What is Worldwide Lexicon, you ask? Well, dear friend, Worldwide Lexicon (or WWL as the cool kids say) is a great way […]

Modules for a Better Worldvwqk1dltfu6uab4wqwbnjlwj1vs43afpModules for a Better World">Modules for a Better Worldxuu9qlqmms00u5czl63ck9ij2nnzurihModules for a Better World

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.by6to1r3zq5b9q3il12keldwpx66awgc I wanted you all to check out a new toolbox one of our users put together to the right. Kathryn Benedicto recently created a toolbox of Drupal modules that she finds particularly useful.c4jkb6cafivpobf6emmhxznpjzlt9ixb What is […]

Open Source GIS, Negotiating and a Mad Lady Named Miminzjuqujtqowzwvtizv46b8ff1qbm4h7iOpen Source GIS, Negotiating and a Mad Lady Named Mimi">Open Source GIS, Negotiating and a Mad Lady Named Mimiu1t7zcbumjpz2m0n5uo692uju0xarm6cOpen Source GIS, Negotiating and a Mad Lady Named Mimi

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Another week at Social Source Commons, another set of great tools. Here are a few of the tools that picqued my interest as I watched them roll in from the SSC New Tools RSS Feed. Have any experience with these? Why not let us know what you think? 😀t3f1p7rhk6uj39azs6n7hk59wg2vgwjz Open […]

2 New Tools and a Toolbox on SSCzdohao3ubfziprk2w19n6amek97pqe9g2 New Tools and a Toolbox on SSC">2 New Tools and a Toolbox on SSC8rr2btx7zhrdrtbvdzk0dx71y5h21brz2 New Tools and a Toolbox on SSC

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: As we get more and more great New Tools added to Social Source Commons, we like to shout them out and see what our illustrious users think. So take a gander and let us know what tools are lighting up YOUR toolbox.daudp6byobkiah9odkw3urkbqdjb823c Collabtive is a hosted, project management tool that […]

Open Source Facebook-inghutgealw5o1hru0vifhjaetmga967tdeOpen Source Facebook-ing">Open Source Facebook-ingixbx1hpnqkt10ta9mbekug01w856bm5kOpen Source Facebook-ing

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Firefoxiwak0evp9otpzlwbvsy7f7biax1fjkhr Songbirdqi4ogynyo1ztefa6sikt33lyh4elimwz WordPress9sv5j1p2x7l20n54b7rk3ufn6btttzhs While the general population probably still has no idea what it means for something to be “open source“, the movement is growing. Firefoxiwak0evp9otpzlwbvsy7f7biax1fjkhr, Songbirdqi4ogynyo1ztefa6sikt33lyh4elimwz and WordPress9sv5j1p2x7l20n54b7rk3ufn6btttzhs, among others, are software tools that are increasing the visibility of the open source value system which emphasizes open access to […]

Penguin Day San Francisco 2009j4kph9h9fzee3aiqwjxuc4kqvqym4oxePenguin Day San Francisco 2009">Penguin Day San Francisco 20092ojn4xlizv5fu8a3zxbddm8mtnblpy5iPenguin Day San Francisco 2009

(English → हिन्दी) View originalTranslators: Aspiration, Social Source Commons mama org, is proud to announce that Penguin Day is coming to San Francisco!h1090kd4cliybm2r2wiuh6ldgyvl6jjd Saturday, April 25, 2009 9:00am – 5:00pmfgy0b1vfu46vj1f1cn09soqjl3n3b74h Odd Fellows Hall 26 7th St. (@ Market St.) San Francisco, CAyqp0enxk4ttnnsthwvqjbg39btlv5m9u What is a Penguin Day, you may ask? Well, dear nonprofit-software-interested friends, Penguin […]

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