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Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?v05o1a33vyl2crz8qyadekwdvzvd12ynWho Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?">Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?mw8rkwff1idxdb806e2q27hzrv58tgf5Who Owns Your Hosted Data Destiny?

(English → 中文) View originalTranslators: Delicious’ Future isocqp8lj62e6dhacex0gmzhxt4q17zsxe DEAD!!!0lmj0ugv03f3fmmvnwhcef7z3pisehz5 Uncertainvs5cinualv20xw0rvcd9gz8j1e58so7e As you probably have heard, an internal strategy slide from Yahoo was made public over everyone’s favorite secret-killer, Twitter. It basically showed social bookmarking site Delicious listed under a “Sunsetting” heading which many assumed to mean that Yahoo was killing off Delicous. The leaked photo […]

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