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Why Would Anyone Use That?9eyimz3wldmne3purrs0osqel0cxydhyWhy Would Anyone Use That?">Why Would Anyone Use That?8458i1nuu3xt98xjkqzozjp9fckoww7vWhy Would Anyone Use That?

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: You’re creating ANOTHER social network?? Photo courtesy of doctabu1laiq8eu9aaxl8jj4xstk1qq08e5xpfp Here at Social Source Commons we see a lot of tools. Many of them are flash-in-the-pan or sputter out fast. What’s the problem? Organizations create tools and websites that no one uses. They tend to think in terms of the features […]

2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summitbi9ml0u3fo7wa0clw0zpfs7rt6ugx1jy2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit">2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summitck8kq7xcz1yf1ymyywe8xsd5qlpe0br22009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: This past week, Aspiration put on the 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit in Oakland, CA. It was pretty incredible. 80+ people involved in social change, nonprofit tech and software development coming to one place to not just listen to a couple of keynoters speak, but to listen to each other. […]

Michelle Murrain talks about her OpenIssue Toolboxvaxio69zzk8fmoo2ibb50ddgmu0i0v8lMichelle Murrain talks about her OpenIssue Toolbox">Michelle Murrain talks about her OpenIssue Toolboxeceztdcrjy0gcmxxlpp61v1ck8vz3nh7Michelle Murrain talks about her OpenIssue Toolbox

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Javascript is disabled. To see the toolbox, please enable Javascript or see the toolbox page.0lpocp2fcg0pq375jfbw2rgzrpfogq87 The other day, I sat down with Michelle Murrain, an SSC user who put together the OpenIssue Tools Toolbox (seen at right), to chat about what she does, how she uses SSC and why Redmine96wodfsplgttldm0vvuz9rs56t25gjpf […]

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