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Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practicesiq6tsai0ksaspyt6b8k7clhtnaxuhxwqTools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practices">Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practicesoayp2aajf5mac7jbh8npsxvxyk1znlu1Tools to Introduce Online Communications Best Practices

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: We spend a lot of time here at Aspiration and here on the SSC Blog talking about online communications best practices, trying to help nonprofits and social justice organizations find ways to use technology cheaper and more effectively for their missions.oqfwio0n9lwcbmyxenqo7dnx1m55g2xv As part of that effort, I put together some […]

Discover Who’s Linking To Your Sitex0kaqudoj7memuhdv7f7krvokj8v2u4pDiscover Who’s Linking To Your Site">Discover Who’s Linking To Your Siteqm1c24semzf8cj60cxs1xa1fnu4s3oekDiscover Who’s Linking To Your Site

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Being the social media geek that I am, I sometimes forget not everyone knows the little tips that have become second-nature to me when I set up RSS feeds to search for social media mentions of our organization. Leading a Building a Social Media Dashboard seminar last week at the […]

Dashboarding Guide from Netvibes97vq0uhrglizbmt6xbahng3sul8vcs8bDashboarding Guide from Netvibes">Dashboarding Guide from Netvibesdir6h76ff7sirqjx20a0wwvaghryq1ctDashboarding Guide from Netvibes

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: Our favorite dashboarding tool Netvibes has put together a Dashboarding Guide that inventories Monitoring and Analytics tools available to track your presence online (similar to putting together a Social Source Commons Toolbox).5mjnfu8daylhdui9wufyawjpi7lhuy2q It’s nice to have a document describing these tools while explaining their individual integration options with Netvibes. Tools […]

Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboardsxe0axf2o7ay9du1191xoetm3ilnnxcxlNetvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards">Netvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards6b3eg1w1dtq4edsbph812xppwzf0prfmNetvibes Introduces Instant Social Media Dashboards

(English → Français) View originalTranslators: As you may know, we here at Social Source Commons and Aspiration are big proponents of putting together a Social Media Dashboard to monitor what people are saying about you online. The basic idea was that social media sites post RSS feeds for searches. This means that you can search […]

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