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Tools from the eAdvocacy Jamboreemcc2bs3kmo4rzcgii03aptouv41u2nofTools from the eAdvocacy Jamboree">Tools from the eAdvocacy Jamboreelc9say64okj7yq35v6hq1bixf66cu3j5Tools from the eAdvocacy Jamboree

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Friday concluded the eAdvocacy Jamboree, and we had a killer time, that was also very informative.fqy42dg3jojwcebna2aqzjiz5cb9iw6n If you couldn’t make it, I compiled a list of tools that were discussed during the Jamboree, and I’ll be making a Community Toolbox to go along with it shortly.82p7bkt6uspyhd5v8lgbdtc1ixszrdvp If you were at […]

Blogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboreeecy2kdo2nb5aad0gfbqwr97cv6tcbzkfBlogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboree">Blogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboreeqr63g8nxzsld5s3jg7s05j8sno60npi4Blogging from the eAdvocacy Jamboree

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: This week, Aspiration is facilitating the eAdvocacy Jamboree. It’s the fourth part in a series of Aspiration events in which we are attempting to communicate the best practices of online advocacy to nonprofits and political change organizations.phegemmyle7vtk0odya5kd6vjx69lmm0 Looking at this from a Social Source Commons perspective, I thought I would […]

A note about new account registrations3lo7dr6grxjapw3t3j5jglhukwqmq8sjA note about new account registrations">A note about new account registrationsm29wjztrxevxq7befsepgq2cl6jyypubA note about new account registrations

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: This is just a quick not to clarify the process for new account registrations. The account creation process is not automated. Instead, what happens is that an email is sent to me requesting a new account, and I set up the new account as soon as I see the email. […]

How did I miss that?j056e3z9v7vzxkut4fpori2gfrx6n37wHow did I miss that?">How did I miss that?p6tu4kq84imurzm812yk8r2inq4homv4How did I miss that?

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Every so often I’ll come across a tool that is not in SSC and I’ll wonder how, with over 1600 tools in our database, it could possibly have been overlooked. A few months ago I had one of these moments with Microsoft Word, which was not in the database even […]

The SSC Blogroll (Part 1)m4se0ib5ig7ghh2iukdmp182f9vqmlezThe SSC Blogroll (Part 1)">The SSC Blogroll (Part 1)yd58a97ugng5wuugkxeclyi8e8tb1rwpThe SSC Blogroll (Part 1)

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: On a daily basis, I sort through several blogs and articles in order to find new information to put on SSC. Most of the time I’m searching for new tools, but often I get good articles about how to effectively use tools already in the system, or reviews that compare […]

How I Decide Whether to Enter a New Tool Into SSCb3uwy8g8bjmvif225byiouxjd85z6ew7How I Decide Whether to Enter a New Tool Into SSC">How I Decide Whether to Enter a New Tool Into SSCd5tu4fkzwwww8eug87v28u4xb60yrp5uHow I Decide Whether to Enter a New Tool Into SSC

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Since coming to Aspiration, a large portion of my job has been spent filling out the database of tools that we have on SSC. Mostly, this is done by me going through a series of blogs and bookmarking sites to see if there if there are any interesting new tools […]

Featured Community Toolbox: Amanda Hickman’s Recycle-A-Bicycle Toolbox">Featured Community Toolbox: Amanda Hickman’s Recycle-A-Bicycle Toolbox

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Continuing with our profiling of new Community Toolboxes, we move on to Amanda Hickman‘s Recycle-A-Bicycle Toolbox.bfqvi2phfsanofs1yhpq5emwosyhtb1v Amanda is a consultant in Brooklyn, NY. She also directs communications at Recycle-A-Bicycle, for whom she created this toolbox. I recently chatted with her over email.9co4tjpaxbg2wcmbqr6ngvrlbx80hz4h (original) View Español translationContinuing with our profiling of […]

Featured Community Toolbox: Rolf Kleef’s Web Development Toolbox">Featured Community Toolbox: Rolf Kleef’s Web Development Toolbox

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: It’s been a few weeks now since we added the Community Toolbox feature to SSC, and we’ve had some great toolboxes added to the site. I thought I would take some time to detail a few of the new toolboxes, and get some input from the creators of the toolboxes […]

Welcome to the SSC Blog!1jqe39x7vl9vo7b5u4hen8nl25pq6acyWelcome to the SSC Blog!">Welcome to the SSC Blog!poe1bp664vz8z3lj8rp92g33r2ci59ylWelcome to the SSC Blog!

(English → Español) View originalTranslators: Welcome to the SSC Blog! Our plan is to periodically update here with news related to SSC, new or interesting software tools that we’ve been seeing, and other random chatter that might be of interest to the nonprofit technology world.qkict7a9jrt8alct5llqe8ypks0rxyzd My name is Tim Wescott, and I’ll be the one […]

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